After The Comet - The Western Continent

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**Welcome to the Wiki of the Western Continent: After The Comet
This web site documents game adventures in a 3rd Edition AD&D game world- game logs, character descriptions, history, etc.

Setting: The setting for this game is amongst the human lands of the Western Continent.

Some Simple Rules:
This web site is available to the public, so please don't post any sensitive information here.
Please do not post copyrighted materials. If the materials are on the web, then feel free to link to them.
Feel free to post any commentary on the web pages under the discussion tab at the top of each page.

Have fun!

Next Meeting: By order of the Elf Queen, ally with the Giants

Date: March 20th
Time: 5:30 PM(to be confirmed)

Location: Currently via online. (((Doug's Booz-N-Bar "All-Season Room")))
DM: Ed

House Rules & Info & Dieties

Quotes of Posterity Hilarity


World of Erde Andrew's Campaign

Land of the Gods Ed's Campaign

Dome World - War of the Scrolls Dave's Campaign

Predallen Arc Tom's Second Campaign (retired)
Politzania Arc Tom's First Campaign (retired)

Klayshift Castle Tom's Special Dungeon Arc (completed)

World of Vanderfal Clayton's Campaign

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