LOTG Group Booty

Group Cash

GP = 581
SP = 60
CP = 22



Party has a wand of cure light wounds, 31 charges. On Hondo until someone else fesses up to carrying it.


Session date, gold, and event description


Feb 20: treasure items from near party wipe out at Farm 27, beating a 10 baddy scout party as strong as our group(Tark, Akvavit, Hondo, Varg, Jayd).
1 chain mail - given to Wolfgang
5 long swords given to giants to make spears
5 long bows given to giants kids

22copper (added to group booty count)
10silver (added to group booty count)

1000gp sapphire - Hondo 98 roll
1000gp opal - Wolfgang 99 roll
50gp ruby

1 cure light potion - to wolfgang march 6th session
1 alchemist fire - given out march 6th session
4 thunder stones - given out march 6th session

May 9: major payout from Elf Queen Malandia. 3900gp per PC, plus 450 to group booty
April 18: 2 gems from Blue Panthers temple.
And 80gold, part of April 18th split.

April 04: 182g per/Kevin 91 gold. 94g to booty.
Loot from giant prison, killed first 2 orges/6 baddies. Plus chase group of 4 Ogres and 10 bad guys.
3 gems(100g,50g,10g.) split April 18.
3 high quality carved wood artwork (1400g, 550g, 350g) (sold in Hosmier during May9th session)
6 L Bows, 10 L Swords, 4 Sh. Swords, 16 Leather Armor. Sold to Big Badger at premium(war prepping) Split April 18 email.
+1 Str Bow given to Jaydrian

Feb 22: 60gold/ split 12 each. Found in temple of Fishskins.
Jan 25: 330gold/ split 55 each.
From killed "Slow Spears" patrol, 17g, 6 St Leather Armor, 3 L-Bows, 4 Sh.Sword, 1 L.Sword, 3 Spears, 2 Horses to Larry of DYC clan

Dec 14: kill wolves
June 01: 26 gold, from last battle at ruined seaside elf village
May 04: 40 gp to booty, picked up 50gp of stuff from seaside village overrun by kobolds & other nasty humanoids, used 10gp to pay off 2 sailors whose boat were our escape plan.
April 06: 15 gp, secret cubby of dead woodsman

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