Land of the Gods - Deities

Each race worships its own set of gods, has its own feast days, and ceremonies. Clerics and Paladins do not serve 1 specific god but all of the gods equally. Temples have statues to all of the gods equally. People pray to all of the gods equally but will sacrifice and invoke one god for a specific need.
Note: The gods do not have specific domains.

Civilized Humans:
Great Queen LG
Father Protector LG
First Knight CG
Gentle Maiden LG
Lord of Justice N
God of Luck & Fortune N
Nature’s Protector N

Divine Lady LG
The All-Father LG
Great Scholar NG
The Adventurer N

Adoring Mistress LG
Father Protector LG
Great Sage LG
Fortune & Glory N

Plains Barbarians:
Supreme Hunter N
Grand Shaman N
Unblemished Maiden LG
The Prankster CN

Southern Barbarians:
Great Warrior ?? <rumored to be dead after "The Event">
Wise Old Crone ??
Ever-Watching Eye ??
Fulfiller of Desires ??
Luck & Fortune ??

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