LOTG Team of Characters

Hondo Talons (David) - Male - Woodland Elf - rogue class

Full elven name is Hondo-Rhys-Elan-Athil Talons-Eolarth-Elieson. His elf friends would either call him Hondo or Talons and thus will be known to non-elves as Hondo Talons, to make it simpler for the “lesser” races to pronounce will be Hondo’s reasoning. He is the only child of diplomat parents. Hondo was born and grew up in elf forest conclave, translated from the old Elven tongue as “Golden Lands and Blue Lakes of the Silver Divine Lady”, or sometime more simply referred to as “The Lady’s Domain”.

Any interaction with Hondo will quickly reveal he has had an advanced education and a very high opinion on superiority of elves in general and himself in particular. Hondo is vague about being out here other than something happened before the "Event" which triggered his wanderings on being a long way from home.

Tarkhan aka "Tark" (Andrew) - Male - Plains Human - barbarian class

Akvavit aka Vav (Doug) - Male - Plains Human - wizard class

Varg (Dave H) - (Vargfyor Furbrand, "Wolfsoul Firblade")- Male - Dwarf - fighter class

Varg's family owns a fir-tree farm on the southwestern end of the dwarven mountains, in a little place called the Redstone Mountain Valley. The family supports the local iron-smelting by providing wood and charcoal to the smithy. Varg himself is quite proficient using an axe, though mostly against stationary targets. He has also trained with the local militia, serving 6 months of every year to protect the dwarven smithies from barbarian (oh, first people) raiders. After experiencing the Event, Varg first had to know if all the races had experienced it and upon learning they had, feels convinced that the danger is to all peoples and must be met by all people's together. This idea drove him south to the human lands to seek answers to the questions in his mind. He is generally friendly, but not too outgoing, polite, quite open-minded towards other ideas and cultures, but absolutely dead set on his course to determine the cause of the Event and to know what it portends to the people of this land.

Brenda or BrenDUH per Hondo (Tom) - Female - Human - cleric class

Jaydrian (Jeff) - Male - Elf - Ranger-archer

KickStart (Kevin) - Male - Human - Wizard

Woflgang (Dirck) - Male - Half Elf - Ranger

Nugget (Clayton) - Male - Dwarf - cleric class. Now Retired.

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