ATC - Politzania Player Characters

The current roster:

DM: Tom, Login:, aka: He who should be bribed
Bribes are neither required nor expected, but beer is!

Rastik, played by Doug
Human Male from Politzania
12th level Psymet

Born in Politizania to a middle class family of cloth merchants, Rastik was always a problem child. He was always a large kid and so strayed into being a bully. By his early teen years he fell in with the wrong crowd, becoming street muscle for unsavory characters.

By this time his abilities had begun to manifest enhancing his ability to intimidate and bully, which forever altered his destiny. His psionic powers came to the attention of the Psi Cops who tried to recruit him. Rastik was not impressed with the recruiters and an "incident" occurred resulting in Rastik fleeing Politzania.
After spending time on the run, he was taken in by Laura, ER's wife, who had set up a refuge for those persecuted by the Psi Cops. Three years in the refuge change him, and he grew to regret his wasted youth. His conversion was impressive enough that he was allowed to travel with ER, tending the horses.

The years of traveling with the party have left him a changed man. Today he has gained enough experience to be a powerful force of his own. He has been working to make up for his past by helping his family's business both through direct investment and by keeping an eye out for fabrics to buy. The party's involvement in political changes in Politzania have given his family the opportunity to move up in the world. He has forged business links with the Jinn who founded Bartertown, and has been inspired to think that he and his family could some day become more respectable and respected than he would have dreamed possible.

He is still conflicted at times, with occasional Neville inspired relapses, but he works to stay on the straight and narrow.
He spurns the use of any weapon, preferring to slice and dice with his psymet claws. Recent manifestations have given him the enhancements a powerful but limited punch. After a few rounds he is spent, but the ferocity of his attack is impressive.

Belgutei Nergui Luxhan, a.k.a. Benelux, played by Doug
Human Male from the Khanate
10th level Cleric of The Mighty Thor

Belgutei Nergui Luxhan, Cleric of The Mighty Thor, was sent from the Khanate at the behest of Toli The Great. His name translates in common to "Auspicious One With No Name Of His Own", but due to the fact that northerners are incapable of understanding the majestic tongue of the Khanate, he goes by the name Benelux.

His goal is definitely to win honor and glory in battle for The Mighty Thor and himself. His basic mission is to keep the Khanate abreast of all of the magical happenings in the north, including the reported return of all of the Spirit Creatures to their places of power.

He is rather short and swarthy as is normal in the Khanate. His magic armor displays the hammer of The Mighty Thor and he rarely is without his war hammer in hand. He often keeps to himself but has no problem wading into battle to smite evil and his warrior bent means that most of his spells go toward buffs.

Raven Marshall, played by David
Human Male from Koin
20th level Paladin of Heimdall, Guardian God of all Travels, Protector of the PathWays
2nd longest tenured character. One of two remaining Koin locals in the party.

Son of the Horse Clan chief, Duncan Marshall, youngest of six children, five surviving. Grew up with strong sense of right and wrong and justice. As a young early teen, altercation with powerful unsavory merchant required Raven to be sent away to City-State. There at a Heimdal monestary/warrior training ground, learned of combat and heard tales of great noble warriors from a fighter-turned-cleric named Artemis. Entered paladin ranks for temple of Heimdal. He is determined to protect Koin from the Empire of the East and win honor for Heimdal.

He feels its part of his duty to be a moral guide for some members of the party, to keep them from falling into wicked ways. Raven prefers things to be black and white but understands that subtlety is sometimes needed to accomplish a goal. Loyalty to the group is important, despite religious differences or moral standards.

Raven would like nothing better than to lead an army to sack the East. Another goal is to start an organzation of "knights" across all the religious orders in order to pool resources and information, provide a strong force in time of need as well as be a force "politically" and not be pawns for kings and high-level clerics without a voice in actions. Raven has provided assistance to several notable paladins in effort to further cooperation. Among them Lady Ghada of Poltizania, who Raven supplied with gold, weapons, warhorses during her attempts to bring law and order to Poltizania. Also, Raven has assisted Lady Jennifer of Wellington with information of Eara and Empire East trader/spies.

Raven currently makes residence south of Koin, 10 miles south of Craft, in the hamlet of Murph. He has emigrated 500+ members of a Triad mountain village. Also, rescued around 30 Eastern Empire slaves, some who make up his house staff. Raven purchased a mansion and created a fortified place with wide/deep dry moat, 20 feet wide x 20 feet deep, filled with beautiful roses possessing the longest thorns he could find and cultivate, enhanced with favor of a friendly druid. A path meanders thru the moat as a place to relax and enjoy the flowers, with an occasional bench to sit down at.

Raven's name and exploits are known widely, including some exploits Raven wishes otherwise, ie one year exile from City-State for duel with Loki Paladin. He is also famous for his special warmount, Sherman, a fire draco-lizard. A mighty valiant steed who saved the group from an undead-insane Beholder, with a ferocious blast of fire. (So yeah, he was crapping himself after ER was vaporized and Raven turned to stone). Sherman is now released from his duty to be leader of a family clan of draco-lizards, as well as guarding a hidden mithril mine in the ranger territory north of Koin.

Raven has a new steed, Murgatroyd, a celestial warhorse of immense speed. Sleek and a pure noble image compared to raw power/size of Sherman. Pure-breed vs Mutt Power. The change has added to the aura of Raven, especially when entering with armor gleaming, pennants flying, trumpets blowing. A sight to inspire the masses needing a symbol.

Max "Bang Bang" Silverhand, played by David
Human Male, age 20
12th level Sorcerer, Neutral Good

Son of merchant family from Eastguard, whose trade habits were on shady side to bring in goods and avoiding tariffs/taxes. His skill with sorcery was valuable in bringing in goods safely and spent much time traveling, using his drawing skills to create safe maps of off-the-road paths for the family practice. His father was killed in a scandolous murder, in part due to the family merchant practice. Events led Max's investigation to contact with Zaldiston, whose own parents had suffered similiar murderous crime. In solving the crime and identifying/killing the true murderer, Max was asked to join the party. Not keen on running the family merchant business, Max left it to his siblings and joined the party. Max is somewhat in awe of being associated with renown figures, Raven Marshall and Endoplasmic Reticulum. He is impressed with thier skills and ways. He felt fortunate to be able to observe and participate in his own way. He also appreciates the behind the scenes work of the "lesser" known party members, Everette and Neville. Especially Neville, it feels familiar to Max's past "merchanting" work. Max appreciates being in the background and let the focus "shine" on the more renown members, be it good or bad intent.

His goals are fairly simple. He wants to see the world while honing his own sorcery skills and accumulate wealth to see even more of the world. Being included in the group of Raven and ER has allowed him to see many astonishing sights and have incredible adventures and get treasure in plenty. He also appreciates the groups general intent to do good and make the world better. Yet, he is cautious seeing how Raven and ER have had many dangerous encounters, battle powerful foes and are heavily involved politically. He has no plans to become famous leaders like them. Max carefully notes the story-telling of past party adventures, notes the scars, the close calls and those missing or no longer adventuring. Yet, like a moth to the flame, he does not want to leave. So, can he avoid the burn? How can he miss out on the fun?

So far, lots of fun but damn lots of danger. Nasty Empire of East drow clerics, Vampires from West, Blue Dragonness waiting to bust Raven/ER. Life is rarely dull in this august company. Krondore or Bust!

"Never have so few, achieved so little, and caused so much!"

Everett, Played by Dave
Swampie Human Male
11th level fighter, 5th level Cleric of Ardneh
Neutral Good

Everett is primarily a fighter, focusing on mobility, backing up Raven and protecting the casters. He wears light armor and shield, and excels in fighting large numbers of lower level mobs, rather than standing toe to toe with that demon, oh, yeah, devil. While not as simple-minded as he was fresh out of the swamp, he still sees most things in black and white, and too seldom thinks about staying alive if there's evil to be slain. Plain spoken and slightly ugly looking, yet from a distance and while silent he appears the model of a champion of good: tall, strong, all decked out in shiny armor, and brightly displaying Ardneh symbols and colors. He is working hard to improve his speaking ability while at the same time disliking the need to do so. Simple honest speech should be enough.

While Everett tries to be generous to all those around him and live up to his deity's standards, he also loves improving his equipment, the better with which to fight evil. He struggles within himself on how, where, and when to use the money and power he has accumulated so far. He feels the pull of wealth and magic like everyone else, and succumbs to it all too often.

Everett grew up in the Great Swamp, under the dominion of the Eastern Empire, and hates all they stand for with a passion. Slavery, racism, undead, and evil of all sorts are the trademarks of the East, and must be fought wherever encountered. Charity and caring for the weak and poor are the methods to be employed in the West, to set an example and strengthen all those who would do good, and by direct confrontation with the forces of evil, East or West, to keep them from getting the upper hand. Understanding the East and their history, dragons and their influence over the continents, etc. has helped him to focus not just on what's immediately in front of him, but to understand the greater flow of power across the world. While lacking subtlety sometimes, he seeks to be more. Like Ardneh, he hopes to be a white hand that moves the black pieces in the games of power. Helping to destroy the power of the Shadow Plane in this world is his greatest ambition, even if he must align with Hel for awhile to do so. Kicking them off the other corrupted plane is a dream yet barely imagined.

Zaldiston Karanel, Played by Dave
Human Male from Eastguard
14th level illusionist, minoring in enchantment
Chaotic Good

Zaldiston is still young and impressionable, and looks up to ER quite a bit as a powerful wizard and friend who has helped him learn and grow as a wizard. Like most wizards, he is curious and intelligent, wishing to learn about anything and everything, lately, especially about dragons. He prefers finesse to brute strength, and misdirection to direct combat. He is still strongly influenced by a few events in his life, mainly his mother's death at the hand of kidnappers (later turning out to be demonic) and being robbed and held for food by a group of orcs before escaping. These events have left him with a strong disgust of evil creatures and people, and a rather simple and unlawful solution: to simply use whatever means necessary to exterminate them all. He doesn't see it as a grand battle between good and evil, but rather he sees them on a level with rodents and roaches, which logically need to be cleaned away for the benefit of all "normal" people. Evil being what it is, it can usually be led to exterminating other evil; it doesn't have to be fought directly.

After a few years of seeing more of the world, he has solidified his thinking on some issues. Should the powerful rule or be the servants of the common people? Yes to both. Without having power, no ruler will survive long and the riffraff will take over, but that power must be used to maintain public safety and freedoms and allow every being to follow the paths that they choose, to the enrichment of all. Those who might choose paths that deliberately harm others must be convinced of the wrongness of their ways and/or suffer the consequences of their own actions, a punishment in proportion to their crime. Only powerful and wise rulers can do this, but those rulers must always be watched lest they too become detrimental to society. Dragons are still fascinating creatures, but a bit lessened in his eyes: they had the power and opportunity to rule, and they did a poor job of it. He still sees himself as a student of the world, while also realizing he is becoming increasingly powerful in a party of very powerful people.

Favorite spells: illusions, confusion, charms

Endoplasmic Reticulum, AKA Endo, ER played by Andrew
Human male from Koin, original group member, longest tenure in grop
18th level Wizard Evoker
Lawful Good

Would have been first to 20th level but for a coupe of untimely deaths, plus the parasitic magic armor needs from the group to enchant items for.

The Lady Shiamore, AKA Lea played by Tom and Andrew
Silver Dragon female and Friend of Endo
Lawful Good

Neville, played by Ed
Human male from the City State?
11th level Sorcerer and 6th level Rogue and ward of Lord Endoplasmic Reticulum
Tall and thin build with brown eyes and dirty blonde, disheveled hair. He dresses very well in finer traveling clothes. He has a sling hanging from his belt and often carries a short spear. He is very adept with the sling but avoids using the spear. Mobility is his best weapon.

Cover Story (the life Neville is currently living)
Neville is the 6th child (4th son) of Lord & Lady Hollister, minor royalty who's lands are on the opposite side of the City State from ER's manor. As a late son with no prospects for inheriting familty lands, and showing some potential for magic, he was sent with a letter of introduction and wedding gift to the newly married Lord ER. Neville's life was completely uneventful but he was born into an extremely minor family from a remote corner of the kingdom so his prospects were few. Being slight of stature there was no chance of a knighthood but he did seem to have some magical abilities. Upon hearing of the marriage of another minor, remote noble family to an up-and-coming mage, Lord Hollister sent his youngest son to apprentice to the newly minted noble. After arriving, however, ER discovered that Neville's abilities were innate, not learned so it is not possible to teach the boy magic. He still keeps him on as a ward and protector.

Real Life (the life Neville escaped)
Neville has no idea who his parents are nor what his real name is. He ran away from the orphanage that raised him his early years as soon as he was able to survive on his own. "Orphanage" was the name of the building, but it was more like a slave labor camp. Escape through the tiny roof opening was simple due to his small stature and innate ability to climb walls, which turned out to be sorcerer powers. He made his way on the streets by hooking up with various thieves' groups and rapidly became known as a second story man. He could scale walls, open doors from the inside and let the thugs take all the chances. As a runt while growing up he avoided any form of physical confrontation since it only resulted in him getting hurt. He was quick, agile, and smart but could never trust anyone enough to form a reliable team. During this free-lance time he was known mostly as The Scab to the groups that hired him in the seediest parts of the city. During this time he lived in the gutters and sewers but it was enough to let him survive. After acquiring enough knowledge he created aliases with 2 other groups in better areas of town, neither of whom knew the other.
Piere - son of performers in a traveling circus who got tired of the abuse and ran away. His family did the high wire act so he was accustomed to heights. He played the second story abilities and talents honed with the thugs into stable work with true members of the thieves' guild. Being such a capable member, he was often asked to join groups that hit high value targets.
Eric Vanolafson - son of a trader working import/export from a warehouse in the City State. This warehouse is a front for a stolen goods fence. The cover is that his father owns the business and has forbidden his son to board a ship since his mother & daughter were lost at sea a few years ago. Neville has brought the goods he "finds" to this fence and happened to be there when the owner was in need of a cover story for a mark. They have used this loose arrangement to con cargo from several ships.

By this time he had learned enough to know he had some innate magic abilities but no real knowledge. He had worked his way into more comfortable locations to live but nothing truly safe or comfortable. As someone who now frequented the wealthier locations, Neville heard the rumors of some hedge wizard marrying into some noble family in the sticks. It was then that he hatched the plan to become a noble and dupe the new Lord into taking him in as a ward. He stole a fancy vase for a gift, forged a letter of introduction using names he heard other nobles disparaging, gave himself the name Neville, and set off for Baycastle to meet his new protector.

Lord ER proved to be even more gullible than anyone could hope for. Although it was instantly apparent that Neville's abilities were natural sorcery, not trainable wizardry, ER accepted Neville as a way to initiate himself into the City State royalty. Over the years, Neville has become extremely protective of ER and no longer sees him as a mark to exploit but as a team member and leader to trust. He knows that the comfortable life he lives and the lucrative adventures he has had are a result of sticking with ER and he does not plan to ever do anything to disrupt that relationship. His biggest fear is ER's wife and that her mental scrying will reveal his story is a fraud. He avoids her whenever possible.

Since joining ER's household, having a safe and comfortable place to live, and seeing the power that a mage can wield he has not needed to hone his thief abilities and has focused on enhancing his magical abilities. The dangers of the groups adventures made pointed those magic abilities to protecting him from harm. ER has taught him many valuable lessons such as trusting allowing others to do the work while you remain snug in bed. He is extremely loyal and protective of ER and will do almost anything to ensure his safety.

Given their similar backgrounds Neville has formed a friendship with Rastik after he joined ER's employ. Both of them have things in their pasts that they don't want to discuss or admit to anyone else. They have found the skills from their previous lives very useful during their travels but it was the performance of some of those skills that gave each of them hints that their current positions are not what they have always been. Over time they have released bits of information to each other while admitting that was the past and they are trying to use ER for a fresh start. Rastik is the only person Neville has provided some information on his former life in City State. He has convinced Rastik of the benefits ER can provide and believes he can trust Rastik to protect ER almost as fanatically as he would.

Yuri, played by Ed
Human male from the Druid Forest
13th level Druid
Chaotic Neutral
Yuri served the Grand Druidess and sided with her during the near schism that resulted form the difference of opinions on how the Druids should interact with the larger world. Many changes have taken place since the comet and the world balance is returning. Nature has settled and reclaimed the destroyed areas, the shadow magic drain has been closed, the older races are beginning to return to the continent. The party led by Raven Marsheall and Lord ER was recognized by the Druidess as a driving force behind many of these changes so she sent Yuri on a mission to accompany them. He is to scout and report on the extent of these changes first hand as well as assist them as possible. He confirmed that the protective creature spirits are returning to their geographic locations, although many of them have been corrupted and need help to be restored to "normal". The woodland creatures are also returning and growing. His personal mission is to aid the return of these creatures as much as possible.

Padasi, Played by Clayton
Western barbarian human Female
8th level Cleric of Sif War/Good
Chaotic Good
From a noble house bereft of their lordship she grew up on a rock farm in the desert. Once school age was educated at a Sif temple. Was sent to join the group by her superiors because she is snobbish with a good sprinkling of entitlement. She hopes to do great deeds to get the courts of Labrador to reinstate her families duty.

Slight melee ability with a good number of spell slots, pretty much a buff bot. She started out 23 years old but after going through the time warp twice at the lich dungeon of doom she is now 17.

Sonya - cohort of Padasi, works for Padasi family
5th level sorcerer

Boss Smash, Played by Kevin
Human male from Koin
8th level paladin of Heimdal
Lawful Good
Boss is related to Raven as cousins. Boss is the 3rd out of 9 siblings, his mom died in child birth. He was at first influenced by his father to become a Palidan, then later was influenced by the success of Raven. Boss was trained in City-State and was ranked as the highest in his class. He is a guild member in horse guild of Craft. Boss is in the process of getting his own fire lizard war-mount. He looks forward for the day of getting back at the pigheaded gorillanons after the first encounter did not go so smoothly!!!

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