ATC - Politzania Game Logs

Game Logs and Log Date and Short Description

To Kondore 06-Oct-2011. Party has "unofficial" request to visit Kondor.

In The Great Swamp 23-Mar-2009. Loki Paladin draws us to the Swamp, uncovering the plot, Divine Poetry.

Loose Ends 22-Feb-2009. Evil sheath, black ship, were-weasels.

Under The Sea 11-Jan-2009 At the Black Ship and the Temple of Aegir.

Tracking Shadow Paladins 21-Dec-2008 Ogres, Rangers, and a lonely man.

Claiming Mithril Mine 29-Nov-2008 Finally its ours and revenge is sweet.

Rescue Sherman's Tribe 28-Nov-2008 Returning Sherman to his rightful Alpha Male status and finding them a home range

Investigating Gateway 16-Nov-2008 Checking out the city.

Ravine Fight and Eastern Spy 15-Nov-2008 On the way to Politzania, we find an Eastern spy.

Heading to Politzania 11-Nov-2008 The Lady Gadda, the Spirit Animals, Ratboy and Vampires

Yuanti Next 06-Nov-2008 Yuanti, Invading the nest, "rescuing" Whitey.

Into The UnderDark 06-Nov-2008 Finishing Aurora, Learning about the Underdark, The Age before Magic

War With White Dragons 06-Nov-2008 Bartertown, Sleet, and Killing Aurora and Icerage

Fate of Lea's Brother 05-Nov-2008 Scouting out the Mountain, Finding Bro's diary, the battle, recovering from the battle.

The Council of Lawful Dragons 28-Oct-2008 The Reward for the Orb, Learning about the Shadow Paladins

Finding Parent Kidnappers 28-Oct-2008 Revenge for the deaths of both Zaldiston's and Max's mothers

2YFF Changes 28-Oct-2008 For the world and the characters.

Visit Tepes and Close His Portal Oct-28-2008 Exploring the town, killing the Child of Teeps, meet the ex-wife, the plan, killing the ex-wife, and Endo the thaumaturgist numismatist

Library of Gods Peace Lock Oct-28-2008 Figuring out the problem, making the lock, and installing it.

Rebellion In The Khanate Oct-28-2008 Arriving in the Khanate, the Mages Guild, the missing Emperor, the Temple of Ardneh

Paladin Duel in Sewers 14-Nov-2008 Loki paladin challenges Raven and "his party" to a duel in City-State Sewers. Ahh, nothing like the smell of a Flame-Strike in the morning.

Saving Leas Mentor 14-Nov-2008 Meeting Lea, protecting the Royal Family, eliminating the Yuanti, rescuing the mentor

The Great Ranger War date The Ranger War, death of Randall, and Claiming the Mithril Mine.

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