ATC - Politzania GL 2YFF Changes

2YFF Changes

— While the party headed home for 2 years, Sondra finished mapping out the portal system across the continent. Not all are up and active, since some races, cities, etc consider them dangerous, but a number of trade routes have been opened and as the continent becomes safer, other areas will be connected into the system. The planar portals remained safely closed while Teeps was not heard from. The Khanate still appears stable under Toli.

— On personal notes to characters, generally the higher level characters gained the most since they had the most money to spend. Everett and Neville increased their combat capabilities greatly, and Zaldiston caught up in learning spells, greatly increasing his range of abilities. Endo and Raven spent more time with their personal affairs. Endo sired an heir and Raven's outpost continues to grow and improve. Everett failed to convince the Swampie elders to seek out help from the expanding City States, declaring themselves free from the East, and making the Eastern Empire accept it. Rastik clandestinely returned to Politzania to check on his family and help with the business, and learned that the barons of the town were in the midst of a flare-up in the protracted struggles amongst them.

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