ATC - Politzania GL 2YFF Finding Kidnappers

Finding the Kidnappers

During 2YFF, Zaldiston sought to learn who had kidnapped and murdered his mother about 10 years before. He learned that there has been a series of such kidnappings over the years with some unusual characteristics. Generally, a person from a fairly influential, but far from noble, family was kidnapped by people who had been "brainwashed" into hating that family. The ransom was generally received, but the victim always ended up dead. The kidnappers would always feel guilty afterwards, but few confessed.

This sounded like magical enchantment, so Zaldiston went to the Mage's guild and sought out what or who had changed at the time the kidnappings had started. One librarian and minor mage had suddenly received some mysterious inheritance, quit the guild, and disappeared. We gathered the lower level members of the party together and went to the ancestral home of the librarian. There, we found that he lived with his niece in a huge manor house and didn't associate much with others. We also found a well, stuffed full of bloated and rotting bodies a few miles away, and evidence that the bodies had been dumped there by some flying creature.

We got ourselves an invitation to dinner, and once inside saw an invisible imp and some other polymorphed creature. We slowly got more forceful in our verbal challenge and then the librarian cast a spell and battle started. In the end we triumphed, killing the librarian, the succubus, imp, and the bodyguards. Most of the loot was used to restore lost levels that the succubus sucked from us. We learned that the succubus was the inheritance, she had seduced the librarian to the dark side, and now they both kidnapped people and also lured travellers into the house for dinner and diversion, dumping the bodies afterwards.

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