ATC - Politzania GL Claim Mithril Mine

Claiming the Mithril Mine

After years of visiting the mine but afraid to exploit it lest the secret get out, the party decided the time was right to claim it. Randall was gone and Trianna now watched his area. The threats of takeover from both the East and the City States were over for now, and we could use Sherman's tribe to help guard the area.

The group had discovered the mithril mines years ago. Their first exploration took them deep into a cave complex where they fought fire salamanders and destroyed their portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire. They found a tower with a palantir guarded by an evil undead insane beholder. They almost killed it, but it escaped. They also met a bunch of undead fire-throwing mobs.

Later they dug out a new entrance and went in a major road in. Clearly it had been used for removing production materials. Just inside the first large cavern, we encountered some shambling mounds. Several were killed, and we almost lost one character also.

Years later again, after the ranger war when all the gnolls and kobolds from the mine had left, we entered with a mission to kill the beholder and destroy some pool of unholy water which allowed undead to be made and/or healed. We snuck in and began scouting around. The beholder jumped us and began shooting off it's eyes. It disintegrated a wall of stone we'd put up to block off some undead, it turned Raven to stone, and death rayed Endo. The party charged it and managed to kill it before it could get away again, but just barely. We cleared our way to the pool through lots of undead kobolds and gnolls and threw holy water into it. It exploded and was gone. We then rushed Endo's body back to Crystal's temple to be rezzed and restore Raven.

Finally, just before 2YFF, we re-entered one last time. We finished clearing out 6 undead from the tower, Endo claimed the palantir there, and we also let the Blue Dragon know about our claim and bought back her half-interest. She agreed to it all. While here, Everett made first use of it, trading a carved gem from the Khanate for an adamantite blade to replace the one that poofed into a bow in Tepes Lair.

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