ATC - Politzania GL Fate of Lea's Brother

The Fate of Lea's Brother

I don't remember what exactly led us to the mountain northeast of Politzania, but I think Lea was somehow given the task of checking it out as part of her inheritance. We went to and spent the night in a small town at the base of the mountain. There we learned some information: a few centuries ago a silver dragon had lived up on the mountain, but had then disappeared also. There were also rumors of some yeti-like creatures up there, and some trappers who had some exceptional luck up there finding old items, ores, etc. We talked to the miners and then found the yeti by lighting a special signal fire that had been set up. They had 4 arms and 2 legs and looked very strong. We turned into birds and followed the trail of two of them as they went back up the mountain with the trade materials from the 2 trappers. Up there, we found a small village of them, and a leader type who was bigger and white. We followed further and found a bigger town just outside a cave entrance. Several leader-types were present as well as a powerful human female mage. The leader types and the woman radiated evil strongly, while the normal yeti were neutral.

Flying over the hill as birds, we found a large depression in the snow that looked like an entry to the cave from the top. The party tunneled through a wall of snow that blocked a passage down into the cave, coming out into what looked like an alter. Two white dragon skulls were sitting on top of a silver dragon skull, presumably that of Lea's brother. We searched the room and found a side door. The door opened for Lea (kin?) and we found a chest inside with her brother's diary and some loot. We also learned that he had been jumped by two white dragons and during the fight, all three dragons were killed by a cave-in. The yeti worshipped the return of the white dragons to this place and hated silver dragons. We found that there was an ancient feud between silver and white dragons, and the yeti leaders had white dragon blood.

While Lea backed out of the cave to read the diary, the rest of the party moved inward. We planned to confront the yeti, and while Raven kept them busy, Everett and Neville would jump and kill the mage. The yeti turned out to be far more powerful than we thought, and the mage was late in appearing, so we all fought the yeti. It was a disaster as we got split up, with terrible consequences. The mage quickly disabled Raven with an Otto's Irresistible Dance (ahem cough cough can anyone say touch attack???) and encased Neville in an impenetrable black cube.

Everett, Zaldiston, Rastik, and Yuri were captured as the rest of the party fled for their lives down the mountain and away from the yeti. Neville and Raven escaped the same fate when Neville used his necklace to call Endo in, who ported the three of them out. The captives suffered interrogation and medical experiments at the hands of the female mage, who had a magical snow medallion and a cool setup like Frankenstein's laboratory. She admitted that this lab, the medallion, and the cave complex were not of her own devising, but likely made by someone that the dragons had killed.

After the experiments the captives were given a public trial by the clan where our heroes tried to delicately explain that it was in the interest of the tribe to come to a negotiated settlement, due to the great power of the party. With the help of the sympathetic (or realistic) mage, Rastik and Everett were released as a good will gesture with a rusty knife and wearing rags. After nearly dying ("we're just fine" says Everett to the party as the wargs attack!) they were reunited with the rest of the party.

Yuri was sent back with a message of parley. After Endo showed his power by porting Zaldiston out, an agreement was reached. A modest ransom was paid so the rest of the party was released and our equipment returned, with a promise of an annual payment of sheep to the clan. Finally everyone was safe again, so with tails between our legs, we headed east.

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