ATC - Politzania GL Library Peace Lock

A Peace Lock for the Library of the Gods

— Endo had heard about a magic library with books that would sometimes turn to stone. Rumors had put tied that library to the Khanate City. Endo managed to finally get some information from the mages in the Khanate's Mages' Guild: There is a great library on another plane. The portal to that plane used to be in the Khanate, but a couple of hundred years ago, something happened and now the portal seems to appear and disappear and move around. It occasionally still appeared in the Khanate in the form of a fog cloud that would cover part of the city. Head to the center of the fog and you'd find yourself on the other plane and could then visit the library.

The party did so, of course, and found the library but with the following problems. It also had connections to the Astral Plane, and it was constantly being raided and fought over by all kinds of other-planar creatures. The library (which we found had been created by Odin himself) was open, but we also learned that anyone losing or damaging a book was forced to spend 100 years as a librarian. Moreover, in the plane itself magic was "Wild", not always acting properly. If we cast spells, there was a chance that the spell would go wild, exploding, fizzing, etc completely out of our control. We had to research the library and how to restore it to it's safe and stable self while fighting off mobs all with a fear of using magic.

We found that the trouble had all started when a Khanate mage had tried to modify the old Peace Lock so only he could enter the Library. Wild magic had caused his spell to explode, destroying the lock. We needed to form a new Peace Lock and replace it on the front door of the library. Doing so properly would make violence impossible on this small plane, making the library safe again and removing the need to use magic. The lock had to be made by a dwarven smith with rare materials and then installed and spells cast on it. The party could acquire the materials from the Mithril Mine, had the dwarven smith in the City State make the lock, and then we all went to the library to install it. We defended the front gate while mobs came, and we learned that some major mobs from the Shadow Plane were on their way. By luck, we finished installation just before they arrived, which also had the effect of the portals snapping back into stable locations, and the portal to the Shadow Plane had been lost, saving us from Tom's final encounter.

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