ATC - Politzania GL Paladin Duel In Sewers

Duel in the Sewers

— A Loki antipaladiness was upset by our scoping out their temple and challenged Raven and his party to a duel. Survivors of the losing side would be banished from the City-State for 1 year. The duel location was chosen by them, a big room in the sewers under the city. We chose the side. Both sides moved into the room, a neutral counted down, and the duel began. Raven and the antipaladin went after each other while lesser members paired up around the area. A golem or some such gave the party a lot of trouble, since no one could damage it, but Endo eventually took it down. Raven and the antipaladin were well matched, but finally, the antipaladin, seeing her support dwindling and the rest of the party starting to help Raven, fled for the exit. We managed to block it, and she was forced to surrender and accept banishment for one year.

— Unfortunately, again our battle caused uproar in the city as some spells' areas of effect were felt above ground. This was one more charge leading us to be banished ourselves for a year.

— A few days out of the city, while tracking portals southward (see Mapping the Portals), we were set upon by a band of demons. OUCH. They chewed us up and were spitting us out. Then, with victory in their grasp, the demons wanted to parlay with us. It seems the antipaladin had stolen their control item from Loki's temple and was using it to get revenge on us. The demons didn't care about our human squabbles so much as they wanted their freedom. They agreed to let us live if we'd enter a small dungeon, find the original contract between themselves and the Loki temple, and destoy it. What could we do but to both live ourselves and rid Loki worshippers from such powerful allies? The demons teleported us to a floating island where they dropped us off. We found our way through to the center, entered the dungeon, found the papers and destroyed them.

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