ATC - Politzania GL Rebellion in Khanate

Rebellion in the Khanate

— The individuals of the party had several different agendas in the Khanate. Raven, Toli, and Everett were very interested in finding the connection between the devils in Correville and the Khan who had usurped the throne about 10 years before. We learned that the devils had helped to put the Usurper on the throne, but he had since tried to break contact with them. They had placed someone near him to control him, but the devils had lost contact with him too. The Khan himself had become very paranoid and secretive and hadn't been seen in public in months. Through a state dinner, scrying, etc we learned that the Khan had been dead for awhile.
— Everett and Sondra were deeply affected by the numbers and poverty of the slaves living there. They actively worked among them, healing them, rebuilding broken down homes and providing food, etc. They also found the old temple of Ardneh, which had been remodelled as a warehouse. Sondra bought the property, cleaned it up, and with some divine guidance, rediscovered lost items which were used to reconsecrate the temple. Once this was done, portals in each temple, which had been inactive for centuries, all became active again. A person could port from any temple to any other temple again. Later, Khan Toli decreed that the Ardneh temple would remain open.
— Endo was very interested in finding the lost "Library" that had supposedly existed here long ago. After talking to the mages guild in the Khanate, and realizing they knew far more than they were saying, the story of the Library gradually came out. The party repaired damage done centuries ago by a Khanate mage and made the Library safe again. (See page below)
— Toli wanted to overthrow the current Khan, the man who had betrayed the former Khan and usurped the throne, leaving Toli homeless and fleeing for his life. We slowly learned that the Usurper was actually dead, killed by the devils' pawn, but it had been covered up and his wife and new lover were ruling in his name. Unrest among the tribes was high for several reasons. First, the usurping tribe had been the supposed guarantor of the ruling tribe, supposed to back them up in such struggles, not backstab them, creating an illegitimacy and scandal to the new ruler. Secondly, taxes were very high as the new khan was saving to build a new city dedicated to himself and his glory. Thirdly, he hadn't been seen in so long, and without a visible leader, the people lost faith in him. Finally, laws in general were rather harsh as the khan clamped down on dissent rather than ride with it. Toli met with his tribe, claiming his lost throne and organizing them in a raid on the palace. Secondly, he found another tribe who were willing to stand as guarantors of his throne and his tribe as they re-established the former dynasty. A battle took place, first between Toli's tribe and the palace guard, and finally between Toli himself and the "khan" (the khan's wife's new lover). Toli won and was crowned as Khan.

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