ATC - Politzania GL Save Leas Mentor

Saving Lea's Mentor

— It all started with the Overlord and his newborn child. Some ancient rumor said that silver dragons had helped spawn the Overlord's line, and someday a silver dragon would return and take the emperor back. On several occasions a silvery-haired elven female was seen around town, and more and more people were talking about doom coming to the Overlord's family. The Overlord and his wife called Endo in and asked him to investigate this mysterious elf while keeping it all quiet.

— We began to investigate and found a number of secrets around the City State, mostly down in the sewers under the city. A nest of Yuanti were discovered that had recently relocated there. They were cleaned out. The local temple to Loki was found and investigated, creating some ill will there, but no real combat til after the rest of the mission was accomplished. (See Raven's Duel). We managed to track down the elf / silver dragon.

— We found that the mysterious elf was in fact a young silver dragon, recently orphaned, who was being blackmailed by something to spread this rumor. She was polymorphing to the elf form while mostly living as a human. It seemed "they" had her mentor and only remaining friend captive, and they were forcing her to start the rumors and then to actually kidnap the child. When not spreading rumors in elf form, she was working herself up the social ladder in human form, trying to get ever closer to the royal family.

— She was being controlled through Yuanti and also human gang members. We managed to track one messenger to the next, etc to find the yuanti nest and eliminate it, and also to eventually find the captors. They were located in a very upscale inn, and had rented a whole corner tower for themselves. Not having full information, but thinking we had enough, we attacked. We killed a good number of their bodyguards, but had been fooled by an illusion and didn't rescue the mentor, nor find the main kidnappers. Raven was arrested for disturbing the peace and damaging the inn.

— As we fled the tower, Raven surrendering so the rest of us could get away, we investigated the patrons outside. With Trueseeing, Endo saw a white dragon, polymorphed as a human, carrying a white rabbit - the polymorphed mentor. We edged in, waited our chance, and made a quick snatch and grab and were out of there. The mentor was rescued, the silver dragon, Lea, was no longer being blackmailed, and the royal family was safe.

— As punishment for causing such a commotion and damage to a fine establishment, we were thanked heartily by the royal family, but also banished from the city state for one year, being sent to the barbarian Khanate as ambassadors.

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