ATC - Politzania GL Into The UnderDark

Into the Underdark

After healing Lea up and casting fly on everyone, we headed down to follow. The chasm went down to the underdark, where we found a small island trapped with a siren and sharp shoreline. We questioned her and learned that Aurora had been nearby and was probably at a small kingdom of lizardmen a mile or so away. We readied for combat and went after her. Some lizardmen heard us coming and pounded drums to gather for defense. Aurora heard the drums and flew up to meet us. She could easily outmanoever us in the air and she zoomed in at Raven, but again Endo's long range spells did their damage. Aurora fled again, but just before she got out of range, Zaldiston's shadow fireball took her out with some lucky rolls.

We healed up on that island, met the locals and accepted their allegiance, and found some loot from Aurora. Then we met a lizardman named ??? with legendary knowledge of the area. We agreed to buy a map from him of the area, and got some info on the Yuanti. We also learned from the lizardmen that the Shadowdragon had kidnapped the other baby of Aurora and Icerage.

We also scouted an ANCIENT ruins and inside a tomb found a plastic recording device which told of humankind's last stand against the creatures of the Underdark in the Age before Magic. It seems that an advanced society had somehow altered the laws of physics, allowing magic and slowly technology failed. Magical beings began to appear while human civilization began to collapse. This area had been a last outpost in an attempt to keep the magical creatures of the Underdark at bay, and with the death of their captain (the tomb) they buried the recorder with him.

We returned to the lair again, and found tracks telling us that some Yuanti had come and taken a baby dragon away to their part of the caves. Thus, we headed into the Yuanti Lair.

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