ATC - Politzania GL War White Dragons

To War with White Dragons


As we headed west, we stopped off a few places for personal details before meeting up in Koin. We heard rumors of a new town on the first ridge of the Cliffs of Loki just past the Great Forest. We asked the rangers for more details and heard that Bartertown had been set up there and that anything and everything, goods and services, were for sale there. We split into three groups with this plan to learn more:

1. Everett, Benelux, and Smash would set up a small temple area and offer healing and spiritual aid to any in need. Two would wander and heal and advertise (and listen) while two would stay at camp and tend the more serious and talk to any who came to us. This turned out to be very popular and in need, and they learned the most.

2. Zaldiston set up a footwear shop under his family name. Some small amount of business was done, but little came of this effort.

3. Endo and Raven stayed nearby as they would quickly be recognized.

Eventually the healers were advanced to rank 2 in trust and were invited to the central rooms to engage in more secret details. Smash actually saw a guarded door, and asked to be let in. We were invited, and found where the really secret stuff occurred. The healers were offered a deal by the Janni (the elemental beings who founded Bartertown): to kill a certain young white dragon, Sleet, in exchange for information on the lairs of several white dragons. We agreed.

We found replacements and snuck off to the lair. We snuck past the guards and through the water to the lair. We killed the first room of kobolds in one round so none could make noise. From there, some lower levels guys stayed behind to block off the kobold lair and Zaldiston could illusion the kobolds alive and noisy again. The higher leveled guys scouted out to find Sleet. We searched everywhere before finally finding him. A battle ensued with Sleet bursting from the ice below us, ogres also coming up through the ice, and two ogre magi coming down from above. All were defeated, and victory was ours. Meanwhile, eventually the kobolds learned we were there, and a battle was fought between them and two human mercenaries. Again, we prevailed, and added the kobold and merc treasure to that of the ogres and dragon.

More White Dragons

The Janni gave us more information about other white dragons nearby. At first, we were going to go after Crisp and Hail, a married couple of adult age, but then decided to take out the top pair before they could possibly get any warning. Aurora Snowdrift and Icerage were old dragons who were also living their second lifetimes and the leaders of the other two pairs of whites on this ridgeline. Their lair was on the northern coast of the Cliffs of Loki to the far north. We scouted out the place and found the entrance and also an entrance into a yuanti lair which we guessed also connected to the dragon lair.

We staked out the entrance to the dragon cave and waited for one to leave. One did going high and heading east, and before we could leave, the second also left, heading out over the ocean to the north. We followed the first but after a few hours at our fastest speed, she outpaced us. We rested, went back, and slept the night.

The next day we headed into the lair. We killed two basilisks and scouted the whole complex without finding anything. Finally, we found tracks leading down a chasm in the ice. We followed and found the lair. We entered and were in place before Icerage woke up. A battle ensued, but Icerage was surrounded and unable to escape. He went down quickly.

We headed to the cave entrance and made plans to ambush Aurora as well. Just like everything went right the first battle, it all went wrong the second. A giant semi-intelligent bat messenger arrived, zipped into the cave, and went past us. When it arrived at the lair, it began keening over the dead body of Icerage. Max and Everett went back and killed it, but the zillions of bats in the front cave had already panicked and scattered. Some Yuanti also came and sounded a horn to announce themselves. We ignored them, figuring that sometimes the dragons were away and they would come back later. However, Aurora returned just then, with bats flying everywhere. She went down the chasm, met the Yuanti, then went down to the lair and found her husband's body. We found them gathered in the lair behind us, ported behind them, then attacked. The Yuanti went down quickly, but Aurora had hidden up the chasm a bit. Lea got too close to the chasm, Aurora flew past, grabbed her, and both hurtled downward at super speed. Fly spells were cast on people and several jumped down as well, but the dragons had a head start. Lea managed to slow herself with a feather fall, and slowly we caught up. Endo started blasting away, doing his usual massive damage, and before the rest could catch up, Aurora dove out of sight, leaving Lea behind.

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