ATC - Politzania GL Yuanti Nest

The Yuanti Nest - Grabbing Whitey

We followed the cave into the glacier, across it, and to the next mountain. Along the way we met a patrol of about 10 yuanti and orcs. Just into the next mountain, we came to a barrier across the cave. There were arrow slits and oil slits and they had seen us before we ducked out of sight. We scouted it invisibly, tossed a stinking cloud through an arrow slit, then charged. We managed to kill the 4 defenders without them getting out a warning. We were in a huge underground agricultural area, well irrigated and tended for centuries. We eventually disguised ourselves as orc warriors with yuanti minders (looking like the patrol we met) and roamed around a bit. We finally arrived at the central pyramid complex, bluffed our way past the guards, and entered.

The pyramid was hollow with a grand statue in the center and the outer walls rising in a spiral around the outside. We headed up the ramps towards the top. About two-thirds of the way up, we were confronted by a full-snake yuanti, a leader type. Endo's bluffing was coming up a bit short, so he finally responded with lightning, frying him instantly, but alerting everyone that something was going on. Four huge bronze minotaurs came to life and began running up the ramp towards us. We sprinted up the rest of the way and into the room where the leader came from. We fought a yeti there, and were placing trap spells behind us as we headed up. Inside that room we found Whitey chained to a wall. We tried to talk to him, but he didn't trust us, but we gave him no choice, really. He submitted rather than fight. We all then ported out to the mithril mines where we questioned him, before turning him over to the dragon council.

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