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Characters now NPCs

Jeremiah is a psionicist, formerly played by Dave. He lives in Baycastle and is actively supporting Endo and his wife Laura, who was his mentor. He now helps Laura recruit and run the psionicist guild there.

Jordan is an 8th level cleric of Sif, formerly played by Dave. He is from a small town southeast of the city-state of Stratton. Growing up in territory that was alway in danger of raiding by the southern nomads, he grew up learning to use weapons first, when in doubt, and caring for others second. While good at healing and protecting others, he enjoys charging in and fighting alongside the warriors, using his magic to supplement his combat.

Trianna is a ranger and worshipper of Ardneh. She is now controlling an area of the great forest, replacing one of the rangers killed during the Ranger War and is also Lord Samuel's lover.

Toli is a Mongol barbarian played by Ed. He excels at horsemanship and archery, loves playing with gunpowder, and drinks constantly. He is the son of a past Khan, ruler of the Southern nomads, but fled when his father and tribe were betrayed and killed. He was saved from a magical death by the party and joined it. Years later, he returned and reclaimed his throne, ousting the Usurper and his tribe, and now rules in the Khanate.

John Smith is a rogue, played by Noah. He was very secretive and always had things going on behind the party's back. He eventually quit the party and took up employment with Her Highness, the Blue Dragon. Since she passed on, he hasn't been heard from, and it is believed that Her Highness's daughter ate him.

Gilmore, played by Jeff, is a powerful human warrior from Koin who wielded one nasty axe. While powerful, he was also always very cautious. He now owns a bar outside Baycastle and drinks almost as much as Toli.

Bram is a wizard from Eastguard, played by Jeff. While still young, he was just coming into his power when Jeff stopped playing. He too, was a bit secretive about himself, but not untrustworthy.

Sherman is the now retired and famous war-mount of Raven's. Sherman is a half-red dragon and half giant swamp lizard, product of Eastern Empire breeding for a shock heavy cavalry. Raven, with help from the party, rescued Sherman from a rogue group of former Eastern Empire soldiers. After several years of adventuring with the group and committing much mischief, Sherman requested the party help Sherman to rescue his remaining fire lizard clan members. Sherman became clan leader and Raven retired Sherman to lands northwest of Koin. He helps guard the secret mithril mine in the area.

Gareth - short time member of group. psuedo pacifist monk.

Important NPCs

Koin was the original birthplace of the party, and all the original members were from there. Now, only Endo and Raven are Koin natives.

The High Priestess of Hel - This mostly drow female travelled with the party on a specific quest. We went to a certain ruins in the Great Swamp. There, in the room where Ardneh finally fully achieved self-awareness and godhood, we recovered the Manual of the Planes (our quest) and an ancient book defining Hel's true worship before being corrupted by the shadow plane (her quest). She served time in Koin for a murder, killing ER's #2 mage at Koin, then sought political asylum there, since the book she recovered started another civil war over the proper worship and social customs within the Eastern Empire. She has grouped a company of Eastern Empire deserters under her command and has since created a covert organization to undermine the Shadow influence in the Eastern Empire, recruiting drow and others.

Captain "Jack" Astin - Adventurer/Ship Captain
He is the person who we have hired and is currently sailing our small ship out of Koin/Seaside, is one of the best dive masters in the area. He has the other magical sextant and he is supposedly using it for salvage claim operations on wrecked ships. Some party members suspect/know he probably does a bit of smuggling on the side as well.

Captain Nemo - another ship's captain who transported us before we met & hired Capt. Jack. We saved him & ship from pirates and let him keep all the profits from the sale of the horses we brought along (ER must have cut the deal). Same adventure had to save him from were-weasels at a minor port town.

George Smiley - head of the Koin spy militia known as "The Circus" He was chubby and not very impressive physically but had very high CHA, INT, & WIS. The Circus has 3 branches - espionage (CIA), protective (FBI), and freelance / mercenary, at least it did before the City State took over Koin

Baycastle and Quinncy

Quinn - Noble in Quinncy and father of Jeremy and Laura. They are a minor noble line from Politzania who moved east.

Laura - Endo's wife, former manager of Quinncy, now runs Baycastle when Endo isn't there. A psionicist, she was kidnapped at an early age but rescued, and she converted to Ardneh through the ordeal. In Homeguard, she was trained by the ESPOs, and she now also runs the psionicist guild in Baycastle.

Jeremy__ - Older brother of Laura, captured by the Her Blue Highness and then her servant, he is now free that she is gone. He is probably stuck running Quinncy when he can't get away.

Eara__ - pirate queen, real nasty lady, and Endo's secret wet dream. She was the party's nemesis during their early years. Since losing Baycastle and later the Sekye Islands to the party, she disappeared further west and is thought to now live in Breaker Castle.

The Northeast

The Mad Sorcerer - this loony toon is not actually the naked old man he appears. He is a slaad determined to live forever, and researches golems in an attempt to create a perfect body that will hold his spirit and keep it preserved. Most golem bodies seem to cause the intellect and personality to fade over time. He can enchant some minor magic items if we find some form of payment he wants. Latest creation we know about is named Sarah.

Snowflake - This legendary winterwolf lives in the westernmost part of the Cliffs of Loki north of the swamp. He was involved in the Ranger War and had fought to keep humans out of those mountains. He lost all respect for the White Dragons during that war, and we pressured him to give us information about the whereabouts of their lairs and any other creatures that lived there.

The Janni of Bartertown - These creatures are from the Elemental Planes and are equally at home in all of them. They are fairly week, but they make excellent spies and messengers. They set up one or more towns in southern Kondore and were well recognized and even somewhat influential in Kondorean society. After the comet, desertification brought creatures, some undead, that took over the desert area and forced everyone out. There is likely more to their story that we know, and maybe much that the younger Janni weren't told.

That was a few generations ago. The Janni are now scattered, with about a dozen that have set up Bartertown, trading secrets and services of any and all kinds.They gave us information about several white dragons in payment for killing Sleet, a fairly young white dragon that had betrayed and was blackmailing the Janni.

Ludwig - One of the few ranger survivors from Randall Ranger War. Group was able to rescue him and two of his henchies from being wiped out by a Gnoll/Warg war band.

Frey - ranger of the Northeast. Survived the Rangall Ranger War. He recruited Urak-hai formerly of Koin to help control/patrol his region. Did Frey train/mentor Trianna?

Sarah - flesh golem or similiar type creation of Mad Wizard, his closest success to creating an undying "host" for himself. Lost during the Randall Ranger War or is possibly a companion of Ludwigs

Uber - Gnoll leader who group made a deal with to have the Gnoll tribe drop out of Randall Ranger War. We helped rescue the Gnoll tribe bitches and whelps/cubs during the Randall Ranger War held as hostage by Gnoll king at kobold main lair.

Kemp - NPC cleric. roamed the ranger lands as a traveling healer. The group rescued him from torture from Gnoll war-band. He then helped group zap Randall at his base to end the Randall Ranger War. Kemp is believed to be using Randall's cave as his own kind of safe-house now.

The City State

Emperor XX - The sole known descendent of the Emperor's line, he was unknown and placed on the throne by Lord Samuel with some help from the party. He is now ruling the city state, married, and with a young child. The party also saved the child from a kidnapping plot while rescuing Lea's mentor.

Lord Samuel - Noble in the City State, he was reduced to banditry in an attempt to restore a bastard line of the Emperor to his throne. Although he succeeded with the help of the party, he was disgraced enough by his banditry to be forced to retire.

Crystal - Cleric of Ardneh and former NPC party member, she received a prophecy of Ardneh, spent a long time among leaders of Ardneh, and now runs a temple and sanctuary across the lake from Politzania, a former Manor House that was cleared out by the party and given to her to run.

Her Highness, the Blue Dragon - Living in the pass through the mountains just east of the City State, she ruled the hills there, but was somehow kept out of the city itself through some ancient pact. She rules a tribe of ogres who collect taxes from all trade through the pass and has generally stayed out of the affairs of mankind otherwise. The party has had several dealings with her and had gotten on her good side. Very old and wise, she was more Lawful than Evil, and always pragmatic. After the death of her husband, she managed the difficult transition to Lichhood, and it is unknown if she has managed to achieve rebirth, but the lich form is now gone, too. Her territory is now ruled by her daughter, the Blue Bitch, Hillary.

Hillary, The Blue Bitch - the party's name for the daughter of Her Highness, she looks down on all life not dragon, and strongly dislikes all humans and others who think to rise above their station. She has wanted to eat the party for a long time, but was controlled by her mother. It is believed that she ate John Smith once her mother had passed on. The party despises her and will probably end up fighting her at some future point in time. The details of that ancient pact (see above) have recently come to light: the blue Orb of the Dragon was in the City State, but the party gave that back to the dragons to be destroyed, and the Council of Lawful Dragons has agreed to protect the City State from Dragon attack for 100 years. Knowing she will wait 100 years and then try to rule the city, the party thinks it needs to do something to prevent that.

ShadowMoon - believe this is the known name of the shadow dragon directing Randall during the Randall Ranger War. This name came from the blue dragons via John Smith.

Blain Frey - an armourer in the City State who makes excellent quality stuff.

Sir Desmond - a knight of Forsetti who took the talking sword (I'm Gilmore from Koin). Gave us a letter the stipulates their order owes us one.

Dove - roving ranger/scout encountered near mitrhil mines working for merchant surveyor party from City-State. Corbin was the party member who made contact. Raven eventually recruited her to be part of his staff at his mansion-keep.

Other City States

Eastguard Mages guild - the best on the continent. Zaldiston and Bram are from this guild.
Very old Elven mage - former leader of the mages guild. He died in 101 YC shortly after meeting Endo.
Jack Hammer - armorer in Eastgard who made the dragon skin armor for Toli

The Iron Peaks
Charnak - an Eastern lich that set up a kingdom in the northwest part of the Iron Peaks, just south of Eastguard. He is engaged in magical research of some kind while also building a guard of undead creatures.

Tepes - a demigod that began life as a slug in an ancient Eastern complex where a power portal was created. He absorbed energy over the centuries and grew in size and power, but lived in hiding for ages. He eventually took over the complex during one of the crashes of the Eastern Empire. Only recently he came out of hiding to control the southern part of the Iron Peaks. The party recently closed the portal that gave Tepes his power, and he is fading in power again.

Dong Valley - the third power in the Iron Peaks, it is centered on the old Dwarven capital of Erk. It was founded by two drow from the invading army and is quite a collection of mercenaries and other powerful characters, but they usually waste their power on a struggle with the other powers in the Iron Peaks.

Jaclyn Smith - surviving she-devil from Curreville town. Group discovered her and her "sisters" attempt to frame/seduce group to the "dark side". Party was able to outwit and finally defeat them. Jaclyn is currently thought to be in Dong Valley. Everett's special devil-sense sword is linked to her. She possibly has an amulet that can summon Charlie….. a pit-fiend……. who is also her father. She is also is a sorceress, possibly at least 10th.

Zera - The rescued druidess from Iron Peaks that was mind-flayer impaired , this is another person that might be willing to give out "extra" information or assistance to the group if we need help. She was an "up-n-comer" prior to her mind-flayer battle. With her recovering her abilities, strong candidate for druid council. DR made her name up, could not find it in notes.


The Lady Gadda - Paladiness of Sif, who has worked to bring law and peace to Politzania capitol. She worked several years on "civilizing" the old capitol from monsters and bandits to create a large "enclave" safe zone inside the capitol. Common party knowledge that Raven funded her with significant gold donations to equip her troops. Party eventually helped her defeat Ratboy and in the process, squash the two remaining "robber barons" and put all control/authority of Polti into her organization.

Ratboy - A member of the royal line of Wellington, he became a vampire as a teenager several hundred years ago. He and his parents were the original vampires on the continent. They created Vampirism using necromancy gone wrong and were then killed and infected by that vampire they created. It is thought that the parents "live" in Wellington, but Ratboy moved to Politzania to work his power there. He was recently killed there after slaughtering the 4 leaders of the 4 sections of Politzania, presumably in a bid for power himself or just to maintain the kind of chaos in which he can freely work his power.

The Illiterati organization of middlemen, able to store precious items long term in interdimensional place or have host to intra-planar meeting rooms or hotels, all for a very hefty price. Kind of like a mini-Switzerland U-Store-It type of place.

The Fixer - secret leader of the main spy/informant ring in Poltizania. Is he dead?

Ema-Lee female sorceress living with Yeti/Gorillanons in what used to be Lea's older dragon brother lair. Ema-Lee is 18th level or better. One of the groups bad days of combat. She and her 18 ft half-dragon gorilla-goons tag the party hard. Dropping/capturing 4, almost got Raven as well but for Neville's Recall charm. Ema-Lee forced survivors to trade for those captured and give a 5-year truce, starting May 1 1107.

Founded by the Wellingtons, a family line as old as Politzania and second only to the Emperor's, they specialize in mages rather than warriors. Several hundred years ago several members of the family became vampires, a fact which was only recently uncovered by the party. It's assumed that the original two still reside in Wellington.

This is home to the royal line of Politzania, and also the home of the ESPos, the secret psionicist guild formed there, loyal directly to the emperor. Laura, wife of Endo, trained here.

Lady Jennifer Wellington - Paladin of Forsetti, another of the higher level paladins around. Raven met her in City-State at some Overlord function. She is well known in the West and has a devouted following in Westguard for her bravery and leadership. currently working on monitoring the barbarians to the northwest. She has contacts with elves and Labador.

The Khanate
Central city of the southern nomads (Mongols), the city houses the palace, temples, and used to control the access to the Library of the Gods.
Toli - former PC of Ed's, his father was deposed as Emperor when Toli was a teenager. Fleeing for his life, he went north and joined the party. The party recently helped him overthrow the Usurper and regain his throne.

The Elven Lands
Sondra - a cleric of Ardneh and short-time party member, she joined us as we headed south. She was sent to map out the portal stones left over from the Eastern Empire. With us during the battles with the devils in Correville and the Coup to restore the Khanate throne to Toli, she also rededicated the Ardneh temple there in the Khanate. After that, she separated from the party to continue to map out the portals.

The Orc Mountains
Kang - one-time leader of the orcs and brother-in-law and bloodbrother to Endo, the party gave him the Spear of Gruumsh, which he used to unite the tribes and change the laws among the orcs in order to create a true kingdom. There was a rebellion, which was put down, but Kang was assassinated by a "follower" who preferred the traditional ways of orc-life. The Spear of Gruumsh is now passed around among the shamen of Gruumsh and has been less influential in their hands.

The Southern Jungles of Kondor
Bud Bundy - 1st person from jungle area we ever met and the namesake for "Bud's land" whom we captured in Klayshift's Castle. He had skills in animal lore (jungle animals), navigation, bow proficiency, appraising, solid fighter with good intelligence.

Prince K - The junior Kondorian prince that was part of the patrol force the group met in the south/khan area as we were fighting the demons. He may be somebody we could use as a contact if/when we decide to visit there and "visit" (euphimism for destroy) their ruling government.

March-20-2011: Info from Tom/DM. This is the information on the young nobel you meet in the Khan's land "Tolie's place" that we knew as Prince K.
His real name is Huni, the eldest son of Seshewepet, the Duke of the city Riverway. ("a note here: his mother is the Duke but the Kondore people only use mascaline for ranks in the Nobels, and military".) This is the land area that is next to the Khan's land, the town - outpost is just called Outpost is under Seshewepet's protection, but it is ruled by a small Nobel appointed by the King. That Nobel's name is Ugaf, and he is a bastard with his father being a unkown Khan soldier. Seshewepet has never been to the outpost as far as any one knows, and seems not to care what happens at the outpost as long as it is not attacked. The outpost has its own Judge to settle problems that could arise in the town, and his name is Amosis.

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