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The Orders of Predallen

The Order of the Snow "The Whites"
The White Order is responsible for regulating and punishing all the other orders. They are always behind the scenes to the local populations, rarely wear their colors, and are greatly feared by all the members of the orders. The first example we saw was arrogant and rude. He was evil and wore a leather mask.
The top Whites (recently met) wore colors of white that shimmered with all the colors. They were barely evil or not evil at all, and were investigating our activities, but "only to collect information to punish the mismanagement of the Reds". They later claimed to be supporting Honne's return, but were closely watched by Tatemae's Order, so were limited in how they could act. They claimed they used fear to keep open warfare from breaking out which Honne is not ready for and would lose again. The Order of the Snow (and perhaps all the orders) only have women officers above a certain rank. Since Benedict Arnold was a man, and he was quite high in the red order, this is probably only for whites.

The Azure Order, "The Blues"
The Blue Order is the only order whose identities are openly displayed. Every village has a blue, often living in or near the local temples. They spend their days in the town centers where they offer free food to anyone who stops by. Their mission is to help the sick, the aged and the poor. This they do, but at a great price. Those who are deemed to contribute to society or capable of doing so in the future are cared for. Once they have decided that someone is a greater burden on society than their worth, they are taken and never seen again. We don't know for sure whether they are simply "put to sleep" or if, like criminals, their souls are used to create permanent lights and other magical effects for Predallen Society. The higher in the order they are, the lighter the blue. There is also something designated by the style of fringe on the robes. (Magic use?)

The Ruby Order, the Scarlet Order, "The Reds"
The Red Order is a military order and perhaps the largest. They have people in every town, but secretly, with one additional large base in each the East and West. From those bases they go out and gather/kidnap children to raise as members of the orders, and there, they raise the children that they have chosen., training and indoctrinating them in general, before sending some on to each of the other orders for permanent placement. In the West, unwanted and poor children are chosen, giving them chances to live better lives than what they ever could have expected otherwise. In the East, children of the Resistance are chosen as punishment for their parents' activities and to keep the population cowed.

The Emerald Order, "The Greens"
The Green Order is responsible for educating the population and spreading current news across the continent. They use singing and acting mostly to catch people's attention and to make it memorable. Again, in the West they do their jobs well, while in the East they often spread pro-Tatemae, anti-Honne propaganda. There are both local Greens in the larger towns and travelling Greens. Local greens keep their identities hidden, while travelling greens usually display theirs.

The Black Brotherhood
The Brotherhood is a pirate order, sent out from Predallen to control the Seas and make sure that no pirates will ever ravage the people of Predallen again. The GhostMoon and her crew were part of the Black Brotherhood. They collect slaves from all over the world and bring them to Predallen to fight in the gladiatorial games. Those few who survive may be purchased as slaves by Noble Houses. The rare gladiators who live through the whole series of 5 games and come out winners are granted their freedom again, but may not leave Predallen again. In fact, no person of Predallen may ever leave lest the existence of Predallen become known to the other societies.

The Free Traders
The Free Traders, as they are known around the world, were set up by Honne to learn about the world, bring in wealth through trade, but also to hide the source of that trading. Even inhabitants of the Free Trader cities do not know about the existence of Predallen. Not technically an Order, they were set up similarly and perform the function that Honne set up.

Tatemae's Order
We have only heard two people talk about Tatemae's Secret Order and it is not part of the official system. Gen. Benedict Arnold told us that this order chose children from the Red Fortress schools and took them to Honne's and Tatemae's Mountain Temples for sacrifice. The Top Whites described them as nonhumans, loyal directly to Tatemae, and forcing the White leadership to maintain the corrupt practices of the orders here in the East. She was afraid to speak of them for fear of being overheard, but said we could find them at the Temple Mountain of Honne.

Predallen is a small island nation that is relatively unknown in the world, not involved much in world trade or politics. It was started in antiquity by Odin's dedicating two nature spirits to guard the island: the Spirit of Fire, which we know as Tatemae, and the Spirit of Ice, which we know as Honne. Together they set up a human civilization and helped it grow. They were given physical bodies and protected the island from outside contact. The Island of Kings became a sacred place, with areas for burials, Crowning ceremonies, and the initial Dedication of Tatemae and Honne to Guardianship. Several major events happened at the time of the Comet: Honne supposedly went crazy and attacked her sister, Tatemae. The current (and last) king and many others sided with Honne, while others sided with Tatemae. Honne lost the civil war that resulted, and she was banished from the island as a traitor to the nation of Predallen. The Island of the Kings was desecrated, and Tatemae refused to rebuild it, instead using it as a lesson in history and in orthodoxy to her rule. With the royal bloodline gone, Predallen is now ruled by a Ruling Council. The people believe, at least the public statements and confirmed by the absolute belief by a young acolyte, is that Loki corrupted Honne, and she corrupted many others. All believe that Tatemae will eventually defeat and cure Honne and all will be well again.

Further information (from the Gremlin (liar?)) suggests that Tatemae built Predallen's culture and government, while Honne spent more time off-island. Tatemae made sure that they were really loyal to her, more than to her sister. Honne founded the Free Traders (see starting nations) and used them so Predallen could trade with the rest of the world while no one would learn of Predallen's existence. Tatemae later founded an organization of pirates to be the Free Trader's strong arm, though neither Honne nor the Free Trader's knew that. The pirates kept other nations from gaining strength while attacking the Free Traders just enough to allay suspicion. The civil war started when Honne realized that Tatemae had double-crossed her and had all the reins of power in her hands, not in theirs.

Ghost Moon
The Leaders and Crew of the GhostMoon, starting from the top:

The Lady, Tatemae is a dark-skinned red and gold eyed woman carrying a rapier and a hand-axe. She is a guardian of some kingdom called PREDALLEN and has lived for a few generations. She has been scanned as evil.

Her companion "The Mistress" The Southern Belle, is dressed in green, complete with parasol. An outgoing and beautiful lady.

The Broad Lady, is the personal bodyguard of Tatemae. Tall and strong and carries a two-handed sword. Mojo's fantasy. No one is very sure if it is the sword or the woman Mojo lusts after.

The Slut Lady is the personal bodyguard of the Southern Belle. She is dressed in a dress, but known for her looseness, but that doesn't detract from her capability.

Guest appearance by Honne the mad sister of Tatemae that attacked the ship

The Jester a female gnome accountant who is always cheating/betting/doing something behind the scenes. Serves the The Mistress, appears not liked by Tatemae.

Ispear a short lizardman, the Master of Slaves. He is an old fighter living out his retirement in a cush-job on the GhostMoon.

The Captain of the GhostMoon is an orc with one peg leg and bat pet that has no-nonsense attitude. Name unknown by the slaves. Later named as Captain Morgan when we found him as an owner of an inn. We later hunted him down and killed him for stealing the Heart of the Mountain.

Big Boy The Naked Ogre is a tattooed ogre, bodyguard of the Captain and enforcer of his will. He seems to enjoy walking around in the buff and being the center of attention. Later, when hunting the Captain, we fought him and banished him back to Loki's Belt to fight the Black Tower, the center of the orc power. He has been a member of the Black Tower, a genetic experiment who turned out to be too free-willed. They tried to kill him but he escaped, was captured and sold on Predallen.

Esh, half-orc second in command of the ship the characters only meet him once for a short time.

Uma the badly scared half-elf cook of the ship, picked one of Ed's characters Basil to over see the food allocation

Slave Leaders: There are 5 groups of slaves on board right now. Each has a leader.

Muba - Our leader is the orc female who sorted us on the dock so long ago. By the book, used some odd magic instrument to pick out the slaves she wanted. Her slaves did above average in the slave games. Very lawful and slightly evil.

The House of the Two Doves

This is a fairly minor house in the system of Noble Houses in Predallen. Predallen appears to be rather Machiavellian, and this house is old but small, rich enough for the family to live well but not so rich or powerful as to become a target. They bought Mubu before she had fully finished the gladiatorial games, though she later bought her freedom, and so she has given us information about them and suggested we use them as part of our cover story. We know the names and descriptions of several family members (though the information is a bit old.) They live and work only in the capital city and have few or no connections elsewhere. Their family crest is Two Doves, one black, one white, on a ??? background.

The House of Lantern

This very large and important House is based on shipping. It has people and influence all along the coastlines of Predallen. We met them early as ?? lent us a coach and horse for the Acolyte to travel in. It has a major fort with large cash reserves in ??, and they protected the town from marauding Tatemites during the civil war.

The Fox, the Cat, The Bird, and the Youngling/Yearling

The Gist of the story, from memory(from session June 4th)

One day Bird was flying over her realm and saw the animals below. She wondered at their lives and thought about what it would be like to be a mother. She thought she would be a good mother. As she flew, she saw a youngling deer being chased by a mountain lion. She pitied that youngling and its mother who was nearby. She watched as the mountain lion caught the youngling and decided that a good mother would not stand by while her young was killed. She swooped in, grabbed the youngling, and returned it to its mother. She then flew on, happy with herself, thinking of what a good mother she was to her beings.

The mountain lion was quite upset and was a mother with a litter. Her kittens were hungry, and that had been her first catch in days. She fumed about the incident for awhile, and then decided to complain to Cat. She told Cat that Bird had stolen her prey and how her kittens were hungry. Listening, Cat grew angry and decided to visit Bird and learn why she had done this thing.

As Cat journeyed to Bird's mountain, she passed by Fox. Fox asked Cat what was happening, and upon learning the story, decided to go with Cat to see Bird. Along the way, Fox asked Cat why Bird hated cats so much, why she would deliberately starve cats, working against them when she could. She fed Cat's anger without appearing to do so and Fox thought to itself this to be funny getting Cat upset, By the time they found Bird, Cat was quite angry. "Why do you hate cats?", Cat asked Bird. "Why would you starve kittens?" Bird was confused and taken aback, unwilling to confess to her thoughts about being a mother, she finally simply stated she had done so as a matter of the heart, and no other explanation was needed. Cat, of course, asked why starving cats was a matter of the heart. She only grew angrier, and finally attacked Bird. Being on Bird's mountain, Bird was stronger there, and defeated Cat. Fox tried to calm Bird as Fox realized this joke gone too far but Bird was too angry and told Fox to leave or else. Cat limped home, rested, and then confronted Bird again. Again she was beaten by Bird. And again. And again. Both also became angry with Fox. Soon neither Bird nor Cat would speak with either Fox or each other. Fox felt guilty about causing such trouble between them, and tried to bring peace, but neither would speak with her any longer.

Finally, Fox thought about why the three so often worked together: the "evil uglies" that roamed the land. She managed to speak with Cat. "There is an evil ugly in your land, Cat. Can you defeat him?" asked Fox. "I can probably beat him", Cat replied, "but it would hurt me too." Fox asked, "What if we two fought it. Could we beat him?" "We would beat him, but he would probably still hurt us", Cat answered. "What if Bird also fought with us?" "We would kill him, then" said Cat. With that they approached Bird again.

Both Bird and Cat were still angry with Fox, and demanded to know why Fox had caused such trouble. Fox, feeling guilty and knowing that they had to work together, confessed. "You two are stronger than me," she said, "and the only way I can feel equal to you two is to feel more clever. I did it only to feel stronger, not to hurt either of you." With her confession, and stating the need to rid the land of the evil uglies, they once again worked together and thus mended the rift between them. Their truce started with each of them saying to the other:

"We are alone
We are forgotten
We need each other
Lets go Hunt"

The Fox, The Cat, The Bird and what is Love

A new song from 3 mercs who part of elite order top notch reputation and expensive, have constellations on shield(see notes from June 18, 2016)

One day Cat was checking for any "Evil Uglies" in her area, sees a group of humans tracking/chasing two other humans. The tracking group was formed by a very good hunter/tracker and a party of "metal skins".
"Odd", thought Cat, "Humans hunting humans? Do they eat each other?" Curious, Cat decided to follow along behind to see what was going to happen. Cat noticed the hunter/tracker not getting along very well with the metal skins as they chased the two other humans, a man and a woman. They party eventually catches up to the two, and the man is beaten badly and left for dead while the woman is taken away by the "metal skins". Cat comes to the beaten man and heals his wounds.

Cat asks, "Why did they beat you?"
The man replies, "For true love. The woman is my true love and I hers but she is betrothed to another, we tried to escape but you saw us get caught. I must go rescue her, can you help me?"

Cat thinks this is crazy but agreed to help the man track the party. The two of them track the party and taken woman to a human city.

Cat says, "I can go no farther". Cat is surprised when the man gives Cat a hug. "Why did you do that?" Cat asked.
The man says, "I feel sorry for you."
"Why are you sorry for me?", questions Cat.
"Because Cat can never love, Cat can never have a mate, Cat can have no offspring", the man sadly replied and he takes off to the city to rescue his true love.

Cat decides to ask Fox for some insight and advice about this. Fox very amused and makes fun of Cat, teasing Cat is in love with the human man. Fox keeps at it until Cat says they will go and talk to Bird if Fox is going to be like this.
Cat goes find Bird, and Bird reacts the same as Fox, teasing Cat much the same until Cat leaves in a sulk. Cat heads home to wonder about the events and not paying much attention when Cat is attacked by three "evil uglies". Cat fights the best Cat can but is getting hurt badly and losing the fight when Bird and Fox join the battle to save Cat and kill all the "evil uglies". Cat is hurt and bleeding badly. Bird picks up Cat to fly to a pool of lava that is Cat's home, but the blood from Cat burns Bird's legs until Bird has to drop Cat. Fox had been running to follow and drags Cat to the pool, when Cat gets in the pool, Fox's tail gets burned off before Fox can get to shore. Fox tells Bird to leave and heal but Bird refuses to leave, wanting to stay and see if Cat lives. After some time, part of Cat pops up and asks about the humans. Bird and Fox tell Cat to go back to healing.

The morale of the story is that the only Love that Cat, Bird, and Fox have is each other, and that Love will endure forever.

The military order that displays the constellations on their shields are renown for the fact that they never leave a man behind. Semper Fi.

Tatemae and Honne

Tatemae began as a spirit creature, a black panther, from the western ridge of mountains of Predallen. She is Lawful Evil in alignment.
Honne was also a spirit creature, a hawk or eagle from the Northwestern range of mountains in Predallen. She is Chaotic Good in alignment.

They were elevated to demigod status by Odin (along with the Fox?) to watch over and protect the people of Predallen from all the demonic forces spread across the land. After Freya, Frigga, and Sif wept over the situation there, creating a healing pool, Odin chose them as Predallen's protectors. Of the two, Tatemae was more committed to doing what needed to be done to win, while Honne seemed hesitant to do some things, such as kidnapping manpower from around the world and using them to win their battles. After the War was finally over, Honne set up the Orders to run the society and protect and care for the people here. She then created the Free Traders to allow Predallen to trade with the rest of the world while keeping their existence secret. Thus she spent a lot of time away from Predallen. During that time, Tatemae shaped the orders into her vision of efficiency and their loyalty was primarily to her.

An Outsiders View of Predallen

A long time ago, Predallen was in chaos. Local lords fought each other while pirates pillaged and burned the land, raping, killing, and kidnapping the people here. The people of Predallen felt they were alone in their struggles for safety against these barbarians. In their desperation, the people of Predallen cried out to Odin for help. Odin raised up two champions, the Sisters Tatemae and Hönne, to unite the land and defend the people As different as Ice and Fire, they could bring healing and freedom and also strength and order, They were successful, and the nation of Predallen was born.
A ruling dynasty was created and the various orders were set up to serve the people. The Azure Order was created to help the people in every community, to help the aged, poor and sick until they were again ready to fend for themselves. The Green Order was to educate the people, spreading knowledge everywhere they went. The Ruby Order selected unwanted or poor children and set them on a path where they could live productive lives. The Order of the Snow oversaw the other orders, keeping them working for the good of all the people. Finally, the Black Brotherhood was created to rule over the seas and keep the enemies of Predallen safely far away.

After a few thousand years, now Predallen has become its own worst enemy. The two sisters, opposites in so many ways, no longer work together as Odin designed. They are now at war, and even 100 years after most of the fighting, the Sisters remain enemies. Tatemae and the western half of Predallen, winners of the war, continue life much as they always had, while the east simmers in secret rebellion, waiting for Hönne to return.

In the East the orders use their powers as they had never been used before. The sick and the elderly avoid the Azure order, knowing their charity comes with a price: their very souls will be forfeit to create the blue lights found along the roads. When they are too old to "contribute to society" they are taken away for sacrifice. The Green's propa-ganda is despised by everyone as they preach obvious falsehoods that the people must clap to or face judgment. The Ruby Order choose the children of the rebellious families, kidnap them, and brainwash them into hating their own families as enemies of the state. Such families face blackmail, to submit to the orders or lose their children. The Reds also provide the children for the human sacrifices on the altars on Tatemae's and Hönne's Mountains. Tatemae gains power from these sacrifices, while the gentle Hönne is kept in a state of madness by them. The Order of the Snow, even more than the rest, use fear and arrogance to rule over the people while hiding their faces for fear of retribution.

Finally, the Black Brotherhood who brought me here. I had never heard of Predallen while living in a city of the Free Traders, the name by which the outside world knows Hönne's secret trading order. This technically means I have always been a citizen of Predallen. However, one night while walking home I was set upon, captured and sold to the Black Brotherhood. Many of those around me were directly captured by the Black. Suddenly a slave, I faced months of starvation, hard labor, and eventually gladiatorial games, all against my will and all for the entertainment of the people of Predallen. Countless slaves such as I have been forced to fight and kill each other, so the people here can be entertained. And they call us barbarians!! Predallen has gone full circle, and under Tatemae become the very thing they hated so long ago. They are now the pirates, raiding and kidnapping from across the world, bringing their victims here to die for their entertainment or to live their lives in slavery to the people here. Knowing of the existence of Predallen, none of us may ever go home again. Meanwhile the orders rule the people in the East more ruthlessly than any warlord from long ago ever could. Under Tatemae, Predallen has become as barbaric as any society in the world.

Other Key Names

High Priestess of Honne is over 100 years old, saved and blessed by Tatemae during the civil war. Used as propaganda by Tatemae to show she loves Honne and her people. She lives at the Honne Temple just outside ??, and gave us a lot of info about the Civil War and current conditions in the East.

Skeletal Watcher is an undead commander who died during the Civil War. A fighting order located on an island was wiped out by Tatemae herself. They are all skeletal and waiting for the return of Honne (and polishing/maintaining a fleet of boats). Their leader, at the top of the tower, used magical telescopes to scout the area and seek signs of some upcoming prophecy about the return of Honne. It seems we have some part in the prophecy, but we don't know what.

Gen. Benedict Arnold is a Ruby Order leader from the west who was sent here to Captain the Red Fortress. After seeing the "corruption" in the West, he reported it and sought to change it. When he felt his life in danger from higher-ups, he defected to the resistance. He told us about the Red Fort and how the Red should be run.

Gwen is the waitress at the inn owned by the GhostMoon's Captain. She is also a member of the Resistance and our contact with them. Additionally she is a druidess and has contact with the forest west of here. Later we found out she is an orphan; her family was killed by ogres.

Willow is a dryad from within that forest, appearing as a beautiful elven female. She has 5 human males charmed to her service. (Don't drink her wine.) She brought us to her tree and the druidess to us.

Druidess of the Forest is found in a valley forest west of the Red Fort. She was blessed by Honne to be aware of all that occurs in her forest and her spirit will live on there forever. Currently she resides on a wooden mat with branches of the mat growing through her, her body more wood than flesh now. She planned the theft of the Heart of the Mountain from the Fire Elemental, and when the Captain kept it, sent us after him.

Leaders of the Order of the Snow requested we come to explain our involvement in the rescuing of the children in the Red Fort. After two days of calm yet determined questioning, they spoke privately yet openly to us on the third day. They sympathized with our leanings toward Honne, but claimed that Honne is too weak to fight right now, and they are forced to be corrupt by Tatemae's Secret Order. They advised us to go to Honne's Mountain Temple to learn and do more.

The Butcher is an ancient figure, the original builder of the Red Fortress and truly evil man. He killed and ate his enemies and ruled the area from the fort during the early years of Predallen. Tatemae and Honne had to personally join the battle to break through the defenses and defeat him, and he is now cursed, regenerating the flesh burned off by the red-hot chains and helmet he wears. Anyone helping him is also cursed. He was imprisoned in his keep, but escaped during the confusion caused by our rescue of the children and the Captain stealing the Heart.

Rose is a rich middle-aged-to-old lady who lives in Ipswich on the lake. She is an intellectual, knowing a bit about everything and collecting informationon everything, especially on outside threats to Predallen. She is also a caster of some sort. She has connections to the Reds, and illegally bought BigBoy and Capt. Morgan with their money (Orders can't own slaves), though she no longer owned them. She is part of a group of such intellectuals (The Illuminati) who study and talk and do nothing.

Santuary is a pool formed from the tears of Sif, Frigga, and Freya when they saw the suffering of ancient Predallen. They then spoke to Odin, who raised Tatemae and Honne who dealt with it all. Sick people who bathe in the waters are cured if they are "worthy". Here, Hayden was resurrected and a retarded girl gained intelligence. For some reason, the Orders never come here, and the place is largely a secret, though everyone knows of the rumors. It was the military headquarters for Tatemae and Honne while they were battling the demonic forced to unite Predallen. It appears the orders know full well what and where this place is, but allow refugees to follow a certain path of "Sanctuary" where they are quietly spirited from location to location to some final "Sanctuary". As long as the refugees follow the rules, no one will stop them. Was this law put down by Odin? Or an ancient agreement between Tatemae and Honne that the Orders are obligated to follow.

The Fire Elemental was given the Heart of the Mountain to bring him to the side of Tatumae during the Civil War. At the time the war was a standoff, with the Druid's Forest on the front lines and supporting Honne. The Fire Elemental burned much of the Forest down, eliminating its strength for Honne and beginning Honne's downfall in that war.

The Heart of the Mountain is the essence of Tatemae's mountain, and therefore the heart of Tatemae. It contains some of Tatemae's life force, and is a powerful magic item. Owning it will also give someone some power over Tatemae herself, and destroying it would weaken Tatemae in some unknown way. Basically, it is powerful, but its specifics are largely unknown.

The Ghosts are sightings of some beings, almost certainly extraplanar or perhaps just planar travelers. They seem to be found in The White Temple area and the Capital City (Starshine). They take items leaving money behind and sometimes take money and leave items behind. They seem to be benevolent, helping a homeless beggar once, but also seem unable or unwilling to communicate. They are considered to be good luck.

The All and Predallen History
Tom linked his old campaign with this one in a very interesting way. We fought the Shadow Plane for a long time, and we learned that they now controlled two planes: their original one and one they had conquered. The ALL is the Deity (or Deities) from that second plane of existence. When defeated, the ALL came to our plane to hide and heal, and Odin accepted him and together with all the gods, wove powerful magic to hide his existence here so the Shadow would not find him. This magic included many things:

First, the ALL was hidden in a pocket plane coming off from our own. We don't know how large it is, but there are clearly a few portals to ours, probably in Starshine, The White Temple, and here at SeaCatt Reefs. Some creatures have come from there to this world, or some of ours have gone there and been changed by it. The "ghosts" are intelligent beings from that plane. The Deity isn't really named the ALL, that is a name given to it to hide it's original name.

Bringing the ALL here weakened the planar fabric here, or was weak here to begin with (thus the ALL arriving here). Evil uglies became common as they arrived from various planes to rule here. Since Cat, Brid, and Fox were known for killing Evil Uglies, they were probably here before the ALL arrived.

Second, to protect Predallen, The Cat and the Bird were uplifted to demigods and given responsibility to protect this land. The Fox was also part of that, but not as a demigod. We suspect she founded the line of human rulers of this land, but that is conjecture. They were also to kill the Evil Uglies.

Third, to hide all evidence of change, a Forgetfulness Charm was placed over the world, so everyone outside of Predallen would forget it exists, and additionally everyone would forget that the Forgetfulness had ever been cast.. Over time even the gods were affected and forgot about Predallen. The Evil Uglies were getting out of control.

The gods rediscovered Predallen and created the pool of healing.

Honne and Tatemae fought the demons, set up a government and the Orders, and pacified Predallen. Predallen prospered and the Traders and the Black Order ruled the seas. Tatemae stayed on Predallen setting things up here, while Honne spent much of her time overseas setting up the Traders.

100 years ago, when the comet hit, magic was weakened and Honne no longer had the strength to leave Predallen (she often did to work establishing the Traders, and bringing wealth to Predallen). When she stayed in Predallen for awhile she realized the Orders were loyal mostly to Tatemae and weren't acting as she had wanted. Human sacrifices had also been set up by Tatemae to counter this power loss. A civil war started, and Honne lost.

Only about 3 years ago, our characters in the last campaign shut the Shadow Plane portals (remember Tepes' lair). Magic power returned to the land. Also, our plane is no longer in direct danger from the Shadow Plane. Somehow, this triggered the current situation, where the ALL is not in danger now, the Forgetfulness Charm is fading and now appears broken, a new world order can be set up, and a battle/race is taking place on who will do so.

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