ATC Rewards From The One

Rewards From The One

To The Accord For Hunter's Reward

Mojo,Ace,Saffron, Basil, Siv, Feyren, Zephyr, Pavelow??

The party receives a message from the Daughter Of The All: "Come Home". The party gathers, and learns that in gratitude for all that they have done, she can help us by transporting us anywhere we wish to rectify a personal issue. She also tells Saffron that she can help her with the strange map. A legendary elf named Highmoon has the answers back on at Accord. Hunter says that if the Accord is our destination, she wants to rescue her family. The next day the party is sent to the Accord with exactly one week to do what needs to be done, after which the party will reappear where they left.

At dawn the party is teleported to a circle of stones on the Accord. Hunter leads them to a small run down village. Hunter sees her siblings selling apples by the road, and when they recognize her she gathers them together and heads back to the stone circle. The party heads to the main town with Saffron acting as leader, since the party is on the Elf side of the Accord. Someone recognizes Ace, calling him "Mace" and an altercation occurs, but the party moves on. They arrive at the Temple Of Odin, and the party splits up for information. Different people ask different gods and Saffron gets a divination: "He resides where all hope has been lost".

After an augury, the party learns they have to go to The Rancid Whore. In the bar, they learn from a drunk bard of a famous ancient elf in a special ward of the hospital. Armed with that knowledge, Saffron and Zephyr head across town. Half way there they are stopped on a bridge by an official looking elf chick. "We hear you are looking for Highmoon…" After some back and forth Saffron shows her the map. Reluctantly, she agrees to take them to him.

In the special ward they find an ancient emaciated elf, looking like the King Of Rohan in LOTR but a whole lot worse. Approaching respectfully, he sees the map. He asks, "Where did you get this?" She says "From my mentor Wainsil". Suddenly he becomes animated. "F**KER! THAT DAMN WAINSIL STOLE IT FROM ME!!" After some more shouting he was exhausted and tells us to come back tomorrow. We learn that his handlers include an alchemist (Soddron) a gopher (Radaga) a boss lady
(Silalia), and the elf we met on the bridge (Quill) . They tell us he is disowned and alone, 2000 years old, and he made the worse-than-fatal mistake of trying to out trick Loki! Bad idea.

The next day we are stopped on the bridge again and the elf chick returns. "Why are you talking to him?!?" We impress her that it is really just about the map. She says "Find the sarcophagus and end his suffering!" Back in the hospital we ask Highmoon what the elf chick deal is. He explains that she is his apprentice, and she is hiding something for him. Switching back to the map, he explains that there are these ancient Saddle Lights, magical being that float above the world. Some of them have fallen over the years so the map isn't fully accurate any more. On it he shows us a small island hidden from normal view by Loki. It was his family home now given over to the "protection" of a family of Black Dragons. He promises us all the loot we can take if we do one thing for him: End The Curse

Trip To The Crypt Starts With A Bang

The party heads to the dock to find a boat for hire. When we ask, the response is "No way… Thar's dragons on that island! Dark as night!" Gold changes his mind, especially when we say he doesn't have to pick us up (owing to the whole teleportation thing). We provision up and prepare to go.The elf stops by and gives us a map of the island and a handle for an item and a key for a door. Two more parts of the item are on the island. She says the dragon is part of the curse, and when we get back we will have to…. blah blah blah. We don't care what she says cuz because we aren't coming back.

The guy who owns the boat looks at us a little sideways, but he's still game for it. He drops us off on a small harbor, and we walk up to a tiled dock with animal bones all around. Zephyr uses the spyglass and sees that it is down a corridor. It leads to a room with smashed statues all around and one of the shards fits just right in the handle with a piece of charcoal stuffed on the bottom. Opening a door in the back the party is swarmed by rats and carrion crawlers. Zephyr is able to repel the rats after the crawlers are dispatched. On to the next cavern. They find a road leading out to the north to a ruined village. The smell of fire and smoke is all around. While we puzzle things out, some smoky humanoids come our way and the battle is on!

We attack and and beat them silly, but when the creatures die they explode is a blast of fire. For a while we think Basil is dead!! But wait, 6d6 magically turn into 5d6 and he's ok!! Replacing the piece of charcoal with a warm chunk of the creature fits into the wand and it looks like it will work! Stay tuned…

Highmoon Cemetery and Crypt

The next morning, drizzle of rain continues as we head for the keep. Heading up the hill we see Dragon Tracks! They go from the right high up to the tombs over to the left toward the keep. After a lot of discussion the party votes to go to the tombs first. At the top of the hill there is a fancy cemetery with a ring of sarcophagi around a large silver statue of a Dragon Skeleton. It is well maintained (with magic?) and the crypts are like those of English kings, with lifelike sculptures of the people in them at rest. The entrance has an inscription that says "Highmoon Family Owns This Island". At the front there is a newer obelisk that has an inscription that has a pact between Loki and the Black Dragons deeding them the island.

It turns out that the obelisk is an illusion! Zephyr(?) figures this out and after many attempts everyone else sees it too, except for poor Feyrin who will spend the next exciting chapter of the adventure hanging out among the tombs all confused. Behind the illusion is a crypt with the inscription "Here Lies The Spirit Of Highmoon The Fool. Open At Your Own Peril". Scoping it out, the party finds many small holes at the bottom that look very suspicious. Siv is able to disarm the mechanism. The lid looks to have been opened before, but maybe with bad results. Undaunted, the party open the lid and saw inside a mummy which attacked. All of the damage done to it seems to be ignored no matter what we hit it with. Until… Zephyr gets the bright idea to stab it with the staff and all of the damage ignored suddenly appears! It is easy for the party to kill it after that. After it is destroyed an amulet of Loki is left, presumably the focus of the curse.

With that task accomplished, the party peels all of the silver off of the dragon statue and heads to the keep. Some of the entrances to the keep have collapsed, and it looks like it is mostly in ruins. The party decides to try a collapsed entrance rather than the main door. Poking through the debris the party finds a stairway down. Wandering down a corridor, the party finds a work room with numerous sconces each with a basketball sized silver ball. Upon closer inspection, surprise! They transform into spidery automatons that attack, shooting little spears. Erranz decides that it would be funny to web the spiders! Once that was done they were fairly easy prey except when Zephyr got himself stuck in the web…

Searching around afterwards, the party finds a strange clockwork suit of armor. Behind a secret door they found eleven mummified elves chained to a wall. More stairs down, they found two sets of metal doors. Through the second appeared another room, but it seemed to be a trap that pulls the unwary into… some other place? Dimension? Perhaps we have to think about this…

Loot The Keep; Ace (and Bahamut) To The Rescue!!!
October 7

Heading back in, the party finds the next room has 8 Red and 8 Blue spiders. Basil sidles up to one of the blue ones and tries to wrap it up, like Gandalf with the Palantir, but it activates and sticks pointy bits through the cloth and the battle is joined. They are easily wshattered, but when they are, we notice small puddles of water drop out and run way! Hmmm… Blue… Water…Red…Fire? Indeed, we find 16 tiny holes in the ground, and each smashed spider drops water that runs to the 8 nearest holes. Worried about triggering something by killing all of the red spiders, the party goes back to check out the Clockwork Armor. There is a corridor of parts and bits and bobs of clockwork armor half made. At the end of the hallway there was a hole in the wall that lead to a tunnel.

We find a maze of tunnels and chewed up bones created by Umber Hulks, judging by the footprints. At the end of the tunnels we find a secret door that takes us to the back of the set of cells that appear to be the landing spot for the teleporting door we found last time. There are many cells to loot, and a kitchen and forge and lots of mad scientist stuff and a map. There is also a large ramp at the top of which is a set of hauling carts and some storm doors. Now that the exit was discovered, the party backtracked o the room with the red spiders (of course).

When each red spider was killed, the expected happened: Small red flames dropped out and ran to their respective holes.Pouring water creates a big steam cloud, and when it is gone, the party hears the familiar Click-Click-Click of clockwork armor.In the hallway, four sets of armor approach, 2 red and 2 blue. Naturally, the red ones blow up when they are destroyed, while blue ones create crushing walls of water. Happily the party buffed with Prot:Fire so it wasn't an issue this time. After destroying the armor, the ring of 8 holes opens up revealing a pit, and in the ruins of the sets of armor are the keys to open the chest, so LOOT! Now its time for Basil to put on the Iron Man Armor: +4 to CON and STR!

The next day, as we exit we discover that the Black Dragons were waiting for us! One drops the body of Quill, Highmoon's lieutenant, while the others land nearby. Quill seems crazed, laughing "We're all dead! Hahahaha! You shouldn't have succeeded!! You all should have died! I want that asshole to keep suffering!" Zephyr approaches the nearest dragon (ver carefully) and says "Take the bitch. We don't want her." The dragons are perturbed by this and appear ready to fight, now that they have lost this secure island for their progeny.

When all seems lost, suddenly Ace speaks out: I am a follower of Bahamut. I swear to protect and serve the dragon babies on Predellan! The dragons reaction is >:-O and >:-\ and :-/ WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF PREDELLAN!!! Well, therein lies a tale…

After much back and forth the dragons agree that given Ace's promise, they will give us a deal: Half of the party will stay, the other half will go and loot Quill's mansion. Given that both halves will magically return to the Daughter Of The One in a day or so, the party agrees.

No Loot But The Party Goes On
October 21

The party turns to Quill and asks "OK where's your stuff!" She hems and haws and implies that this conversation should be held out of earshot of the Dragons. Basil happly complies, grabbing her and roughing her up and hauls her aside. She says "I have no more money. I spent it all on Highmoon, because when he dies I AM NEXT for the curse! But just so you know, the dragons are ties to the island by a Loki seal under the big silver dragon statue. Just saying".

While this is happening, Ace discusses the Predallen Dragons and what to do with the black dragons. He explains that rather than endangering them, the party rescued them. The dragons admit that they really want the curse to pass to Quill, which implies that Highmoon is not dead, just dying naturally and soon.

The party convenes, half select to stay, half to go loot Quill's place. Sailing back on the boat we contracted, heading to the house, we find it completely looted already. Apparently it has a 2nd mortgage against it and there's nothing.oh well. With the second half of the party, Saffron spends the time talking to Quill, learning of her life of privilege, her story of meeting Highmoon, their foolish affront to Loki, and her life afterwards.

As the dawn of the next day approaches, the party at Quill's house prepares to return to the Daughter, while the party on the island wait and in the last minute, and as if they are on The Walking Dead, they kill Quill, bring her back as undead, and then Zephyr turn her to dust. In this way, theer is no body for the dragons to raise, and the curse of Loki is ended forever. Both parts of the party are teleported back to the Daughter Of The One, and she says "WHAT DID YOU DO??" She seems very surprised that the party was able to do what it did. It seems we have gotten Loki's attention, and half of all our DI rolls will get Loki instead of our deity from now on.

Now that they we're back, Saffron's map has changed, and is now pointing to one specific spot. The Daughter sys that it has taken from Saffron her greatest desire, and is pointing to her arch enemy: Halborin. Thus exposed, Saffron breaks down and cries, and admits to the group her Dark Secret: Saffron's Dark Secret on character page.

P.S. Hunter's real name is Zelinda


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