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Dome World Deities

Note: Names of Finnish Deities and Heroes are used, but modified to fit a shorter, simpler list for use in a D&D campaign.

Four deities have origins from beyond ancient times and simply came into existence as the living essence of some earthly power. Their offspring are also deities. Many races have their own deities, but they are all minor demigods, essentially mortals that have been granted divinity after truly exceptional lives.

Two groups of Deities exist. Ukko and Ilmatar formed from the universe and started to live. They had children, created several races, and began to guide humanity. Likewise, Hiisi and Tuonetar came into existence, married and had offspring. At first, the four coexisted peacefully until war started. Inanna was kidnapped by Surma (no, she eloped). During the violent attempt to get her back both Inanna and Tuonetar were slain. There has been no peace since, but both sides are more careful, now, and no further deaths have occurred. Each side has drifted further and further apart, philosophically, culturally, and politically. The eternal war continues, but mostly among the affairs of mortals.

Ukko, Born of the Sky, LG, King of the Gods, The Good Father, Lord of the Skies, He is the god of most human activity, from kings to craftsmen to lowly laborers. He is the father of all, guiding and protecting his offspring, humanity (including elves, dwarves…). He is god of commerce, craftsmen, town guards, and good fortune. Each town has a temple or shrine to him, usually overseen by the leader of that town. Worshipping Ukko means to be a servant to the people. Temples to Ukko always cover the whole family of Gods. (anyone, paladins, clerics) Domains: Law, good, Protection, Air

Ilmatar, Born of the Day, NG. Queen of the Gods, The Mother, The Good Wife, Queen of Beauty. Ilmatar is sovereign over the lives of women and daily life functions in the home. She cares for children, education, and health. Few temples have been built to her, mostly used for training of young women of special potential and as a retirement home for widows and permanently disabled women. In every town, village, and hamlet, however, one woman is charged with her worship and the training and organizing of the local women. (any woman, clerics) Domains: Good, healing, protection, Sun

Seker, LG, EvilBane, Slayer of all that is evil. Seker is a paladin, defending the weak and actively slaying evil. He usually takes the form of a human in shining armor or that of a large gold dragon. Too active for most people, he has a few scattered temples, but they play a major role in society. (clerics, paladins, any character) Domains: Good, Strength, War, Life (see Glory in DotF)

The Heroes, Seker leads a group of 500 heroes/demigods in the fight against evil. Corellon, Hercules, Moradin, Garl Glittergold, Merlin, Yondalla and others fight the evil races together. They are known collectively as "The Heroes". Heroes are not generally worshipped as gods, but hold places of esteem as examples for other mortals. Statues of the Heroes of a given race are often included in that race's temples, and their stories are taught to all children.

Vainamoinen, CG, The Minstrel, the Traveler. God of Music, News, and Travel. Vainamoinen has no temples, but has an organization of traveling bards, peddlers, and healers. All bards are at least members of this organization, but may choose other deities to worship as well. Larger towns may have meeting places for these people, usually associated with inns. He is widely worshipped by elves. (all bards) Domains: Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery.

Ilmarinen, LN, The Wise One, The Teacher, Goddess of Magic, Art, and Knowledge. Ilmarinen also disdains temples and clergy, but rather her followers will have small shrines to her in schools and magic guilds. Those mages or teachers who desire and earn more are sometimes granted some magical or clerical powers for faithful service. (most mages, sorcerers) Domains: Magic, Fire, Air, Earth, Water.

Kullervo, CN, The Wanderer, The Loner. Kullervo is a hunter and warrior. He goes his own way, exploring the vast unknown planes, fighting, and living outside of society. He is strong and independent and cares little for the affairs of others. He is a collector of rare information and items. He has no temples, but has a few untended shrines in out of the way places where worshippers may place gifts. (hunters, soldiers, hermits) Domains: Chaos, Strength, Knowledge.

Meilikki, NG, The Green Goddess, Goddess of Nature, Agriculture, and Husbandry. Widely worshipped and loved by country people, she cares for all living creatures, especially those who can't care for themselves. Her followers, known as druids, are equally comfortable in the wilderness and in human cultivated areas. Her shrines are found in park-like areas or outside the towns in beautiful surroundings. (anyone, farmers, all druids) Domains: Animal, Plant, Healing, Earth.

Inanna, The Lady of Love, the Slain One, Goddess of Love, Romance, and Music. Inanna is dead, slain eons ago in the dispute the forever split the Gods and set them in opposition to each other.

There are 4 evil gods whose worship is outlawed in most lands of men, dwarves, and elves. Rare shrines may exist, where afflicted ones may give gifts to appease the deities and keep them afar. Instead they are the gods of many other races, humanoid and monstrous.

Hiisi, Born of the Night, LE, The Evil One, The Dragon, Lord of the Night, God of Thieves, Evil, Power. He is usually pictured as a large black dragon or a tall strong man. Hiisi rules with an iron fist, the perfection that every dictator, robber baron or slavedriver aspires to. He desires to control the world and to keep it forever under his thumb. (any, antipaladins, clerics, thieves, dark wizards, none) Domains: Law, Evil, death, fire, magic

Tuonetar, Born of the Underdark, The Dark Lady, The Wife of Hiisi. Tuonetar was killed in the same dispute that killed Inanna.

Loviatar, NE, Ruler of the Underworld, Duchess of Death. Goddess of Lies, Death and Disease. Loviatar stops at nothing to achieve her goals, but usually does it from behind the scene. She is the master of lies, backstabbing, and revenge. Once angry at someone, she never forgives nor forgets, and her revenge is certain and sure to more than repay the slight to her. (any, clerics, none) Domains: Death, Evil, trickery, earth

Surma, CE, The Warlord, The Destroyer. God of War and Destruction. Surma loves power but even more, the war and mindless destruction of his enemies. He kills and destroys for the sheer pleasure of it, caring little for those less powerful than he is. He is widely worshipped by various humanoids. Domains: Destruction, Strength, War, Chaos

The Horde, Surma has formed a corps of exceptional mortals from among the evil, one or more from each race, such as Gruumsh, Vecna, Yeenoghu, Maglubiyet, Kurtulmak, and Vaprak. These beings, numbering 500, are now demigods, worshipped by their respective races and collectively called "The Horde". Clerics of a Horde member may gain 1st and 2nd level spells only, after that they must transfer worship to a deity.

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