Dome World - Early Guesses on Scrolls

The Scroll Locations

Here are the (no longer assumed) locations of all of the scrolls

Ukko's Scroll: Grolo Grotto, Homb
The First Scroll is freely read.

Ilmatar's Scroll: Was with the wereorcs on Tobian, now in Maple Hills, Tobian
…On an altar unholy, among the snake

Seker's Scroll: NOT in Maple Hills, Tobian - It is in Safe Harbor, Homb
…atop a pedestal ornate open to the small and great.

Meilikki's Scroll: Was with Ancalagon, now in Oak Glen, Frobel
The fiercest of beasts, an enemy dire

Vainamoinen's Scroll: With the Yuanti (and trolls)
This war began where dwarves once mined

Ilmarinen's Scroll: Sprand, with Golden Eagles
…a race of kings her strength received.

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