Dome World - First Scroll Ukko

Ukko's Scroll of the Sealing

delivered by Promethius to the residents in Grolo Grotto

Surma and the Horde brought about the destruction of the dwarven kingdom of Dorlomin, doing so before we were aware of their plans. This would have left a huge area bereft of any influence of good. A plan was quickly made to plant a seed and to give it time to grow strong amid the sea of evil races around it.
While Seker and the Heroes made a conspicuous but futile attempt to save Dunharrow, Meilikki created a great storm to destroy the small fleet sent to Grolo Grotto to destroy it. A few individuals were given memories of success and the storm hitting on their way back. These individuals then washed ashore other islands to make them believe the war was won and all dwarves were exterminated. She then set creatures to patrol the seas and a perimeter around Grolo Grotto to keep knowledge about it's survival secret. A human noble and his household, about to lose a contested succession, accepted the opportunity to relocate and strengthen the dwarven colony. The Horde and it's armies were allowed a month to return home. Ilmarinen will then perform the Sealing.
The Sealing prevents any intelligent being from entering or leaving the islands here. A magical perimeter stops physical or magical movement through it, enclosing these islands. Planar travel is also prevented as is any method of communication or gaining information inside or out. Spirits departing from within this area will wait a month for possible life-restoring measures, but will then move on, unable to return. The deities themselves will be unable to enter or affect the Sealed enclave. A servant will be sealed inside to oversee the goings on, but not to interfere. Those inside the sealing, for good or evil, will decide the fate of these isles.
Five more scrolls were scattered, one per island, across this area. When the six scrolls are reunited in the Tower of Ilmarinen, the Sealing will be broken. All protection will be lost and the seed planted must stand on its own.

This scroll also radiates a protection from Evil spell with a radius of 5 miles.

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