Dome World - Group Booty

Dave's House Rule:
Additional gifts from the DM: All characters active back when you were clearing Granite Knoll may take one item made from the special metal, now becoming known as Dwarfium. It is masterwork.
Dwarfium: Enchanting items made from dwarfium gets a 10% discount on cost, and armor/shields made from it grant a +1 on saves versus magical fire, lightning, and cold, (acid and others , upon circumstances and DM discretion).

Permanent Booty
Bag of Holding(keep in group booty permanent for now)

Group booty update after 24-Feb-2018 session
Gold booty total: 3060 = 2360 +700

Loot from Feb 24th session:
Ring of Prot +3 - Fubar
Mithril BreastPlate +2 - NoLuck
Medium Shield +2 - Red Sword
Adamantium (+2) Bastard Sword (+3) +5 total - Red Sword
Boots of Flying - Fubar
Golden Eagle King Coronet - Otavio

4 +1 chain mail (sold)
4 +1 Long Sword (sold)
675 gold each to 16 chars,

Loot from Feb 10th session:
Cure Moderate - Red Sword
Prot vs Elements(Lightning) - Kojak

Horn of Goodness/Evil - Kojak
700 gold added to group booty.

Group booty update after 02-Dec-2017 session
Gold booty total: 2360 = 50 +2140

Ring of Invisibility - Lupe
Ring of Feather Fall - Grunhilda
Cloak +2 Resistance - Red Sword
Boots of Winter (Cold Resist) - Grunhilda
Dragon Fang Wand of Lightning (40 charges) - Plat

Group booty update after July-29th session
Gold booty total: 2360 = 50 +2140

Treasure Rolling Winners (high dice roll got 1st pick and on down)

On the Yuanti cleric:
3 candles of invocation to Loviatar ===> taken back by Glen to Homb to be destroyed
Loviatar Unholy symbol of Wisdom, +4 ===> taken back by Glen to Homb to be destroyed
Ring of Resistance +2 ===> Juggs
Necklace of prayer beads: Healing ===> Kojak
Wand of Endurance (12 charges) ===> NoLuck

On the Yuanti enchanter:
Headband of Intelligence +4 ===> Plat
Ring of Elemental resistance Minor: fire and electricity ===> Mardove
Choker of Shield spell, 1/day as free action ===> Grunhilda
………Usable by arcane casters only, amulet slot
Wand of Suggestion (20 charges) ===> Humulus
4x scroll of Improved Invisibility ===> Grunhilda

On the Orc cleric:
Chainmail +2 ===> Shep
Ring of Circle of Protection from Good, 10'r, destroyed the magic, ring sold for cash
Pearl of Power, level 2 ===> Kojak

On the Orc Wizard:
Ring of Elemental Resistance Minor: Cold ===> Fubar
Amulet of the Master (fancy name for item that identifies person as head Wizard for Dragon forces) See Invisible, Darkvision ===> Glen
Wand of Fly (30 charges) ===> Acog

On the Female Half Dragon-Ogre:
Dragon Eye Amulet ===> Otavio - later discovered this boosts fire spells but have to fuse it to your body
Staff +2===> Euell
Large Shield +2 ===> Red Sword
Ring of Resistance +2 ===> Lupulus
Pearl of Power: 3d level ===> Red Sword

Group booty update after May-6th session
Gold booty total: 2310 = 170 +2140

Treasure rolling winners:
Wand of Silence - Mardove
Wand of Cure Lite - Otavio
Scarab of GolemBane - No Luck
Boots Striding/Springing - Shep
Belt of Resist +2 - No Luck

handed out 100 gold per char
added 2140 gold to group booty
on hold, plan to sell:
+1 chain mail
+1 battle axe
MW Ogre mace

Group Booty as of 19-Dec-2015
170 gold

+1 2H Axe (Timbewolf orcs)
+1 Chainmail (Timberwolf orcs)

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