Dome World - Important NPCs

Here are some of the important People in my world:

King Zapolya of Safe Harbor is a middle aged fighter of reknown. He rules well, but without imagination, maintaining a safe status quo for the most part. He is more of a First Duke among the Council of Dukes than a King, really.

Duke Voorlimen is the ruler in Maple Hills. He is 50-some years old and a wizard of decent power. His wife is an invalid, and he is known to have several mistresses. His father helped to found Fertile Valley, and Maple Hills was planted by the same families, so Duke Mardour of Fertile Valley and Duke Voorlimen of Maple Hills grew up together and work closely together. His invalid wife was taken by the party to Star Island and healed by Promethius. Both were killed not long after by a dragon attack on the new Fort, where they happened to be. The dragon was badly injured, and flew off, leaving damage, but less than he'd hoped. Each side could call it a win or a loss.

Acting Duke Lengillor is the eldest son of Voorlimen, an intelligent, educated, and capable ranger of 26 years. For some unknown reason, he refuses the crown, but offered it to his half-sister Tracillaria (Tracy). He rules until she reaches age 18 and will then pass on the crown.

Jendor is the second son of Voorlimen and twin brother of Tracillaria. He is a wizard but has a reputation for laziness and partying.

Tracillaria is the youngest child, the only daughter of Voorlimen. She has been chosen as the heir, but is only 16 at this time. She is a gifted wizard and seems quite capable for her young age.

Duke Nestor of Grolo's Grotto is a capable dwarven fighter/cleric and leader of the forces counterattacking the hobgoblins on Sprand.

Duchess Katerina of Obsidan Halls is the current ruler of that duchy. She is young and the other dukes hope she will gain wisdom as she ages.

Bad Guys:
Master Oberon was a high level orc sorceror that lived at the time of the Great War. He was universally known and respected throughout these islands. He died in a cave-in in his school.

The Ruby Lady was what the humans/dwarves called the mother red dragon. She never attacked their civilization and died of old age only about 25 years ago. Real name unknown.

Ancalagon is a red dragon, the elder brother.

Falassian is a red dragon, the younger female sibling.

Yuanti are a race of snake-men who are quite active behind the scenes in creating monsters and doing evil.

The Golden Eagles are the ruling tribe among the hobgoblins of Sprand, controlling a large area that is well populated, civilized, and advanced.

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