Dome World - Player Characters

Please introduce your characters here. What I'd like to remember is your hometowns and important contacts. If you want this to be secret, give me a copy on Saturday. I never wrote down all that background stuff we worked up at the campaign start.

Acog: (Kevin) Human Ranger.
Hometown - Maple Hills
Diety - Meilikki
Religious 12?under scored
Loves animals
Sent to Aspen Heights, biggest temple for Meilikki, for training
Duke Voorlimen is my uncle through Mothers side
Duke of Fertile Valley mad at Acog's parents for not sending him to his ranger training temple

Bob The Nameless (Clayton) Human Ranger
Age 20 5'6" 145lbs
Hometown- Any place wooded.
Deity - Meilikki
Utilitarian fighter. Prefers to entangle, grapple, tie down the enemy and let others do the dirty work. Usually silent, although he does not have problems expressing his vast wilderness knowledge. Utterly Hates towns and villages, Forts are viewed as a necessary evil for buying the finer things that nature does not provide; namely pointy weapons and chain.
He has no desire to make a name for himself or acquire wealth past what he can wear. He is chaotic good (borderline neutral good (would be normally passive but all this orc and undead nonsense has just gone too far). Found a friend in Noluck and a productive friendship it has become. Hunting orc and larger wild game has become much easier with a brainless twit mauling the foes he wears down. He has no concern whether Noluck comes or goes however he seems to be staying, for now he is a good means to an end.
Prefers two weapon fighting to bows.
Not overly religious, more likely to give respect than worship. However evil gods are well evil. As such they need to be culled to prevent the further spread of their corruption into nature.
Recently has developed arachnophobia.

Euell: (Andrew) Human Druid

Fubar: (David) Half-orc Ranger "Hi, my name is Fubar……and…. I'm a half-orc PC.."
age: 19. 6-3, 181. Gray eyes, black spikey hair. Very lean appearance.
Hometown - Fertile Valley
Diety - Kullervo
Serious demeanor, usually all business out on adventuring.
Regularly drawing up rough maps of area party travels through.
In towns or garrisons, keeps a low profile and in the background of the party….. as long as no one makes him angry.
He has been out with Kojak in the past on patrols and adventures/missions for Fertile Valley.
Mother, Koorb Ekrub, abducted in orc raid but rescued only after raped. Her influence allowed Fubar to be born/raised.
She strong connection(89) to leadership. Fubar low connection(10) to Founders.
Fubar generally accepted by populace(55) but has "enemies" contact (44).
Solid knowlegde of several orc tribes in Fertile Valley area around the capital city.
Trains hounds/wolves for tracking/guarding.
Prefers fighting with two-weapons vs bow.
Duke of Fertile Valley gave strong letter of recommendation(77) to Duke of Maple Hills.

Glenlivet: (Ed) Human Cleric

Humulus: (Ed) Dwarf Fighter

Juggernaut n00b: (Kevin) Dwarf Barbarian/Fighter
Hometown - Maple Hills
Diety - Surma
Family well known blacksmiths
Father member of founding group with Duke
Knows Duke(96) very well
Father head of town guards
Oldest son, has younger bro 10yrs of age
Juggernaut is well known in the city, no known enemies

Kojak: (David) Human Druid
Age: 23. 6' tall, 190. Green eyes, keeps face and head shaven.
Hometown - Fertile Valley
Diety - Meilikki
Easy-going personality, enjoys a joke. Gets a secret kick out of the "Create Water" drenching on Oki/Mardove(?).
Likes to make fruit flavor hard candy. Gives out the candy to parents/kids during festivals or resting in towns/villages.
Very protective of animals/pets in the party.
Motivation to take up Duke of Maple Hills offer was to see more of the region, explore and learn more of the "continent".
Very intrigued by request of the fairy creatures to set up own valley and alliance with humans.
Solid connection to leadership(70) in Fertile Valley. Connection to Founders(50).
Generally accepted by local populace(61).
Likes sweets, makes his own candy. Gives out to children.
Helped recommend Fubar to Duke Voorlimen of Maple Hill

Lupulus: (Doug) Dwarf Fighter

Mardove: (Tom) Human Bard/Sorcerer
Hometown - Maple Hills
Diety - Vainanominen "The Minstrel"
Female - 5'1 105pds, short black hair, age 19
Younger sister of Oki
Class Sorcerer - Bard
Parents - Well off, Engineers for Maple Hills
Mardove use to be a traveling Bard till she meet and became "friends" with the Duke of Maples Hill. The Duke then trained her in the skills of sorcerer "and other more personal things as well". The people of Maples Hill know about her relationship with the Duke but look the other way since the Dukes wife is very sickly. Mardove and her pet - familier Blacky has become the eyes and ears of the Duke as she travels the Dukes lands. She enjoys the role as team player and is willing to be a support for other group members, and in fact would rather stay out of the limelight. She is very outgoing almost to the point of being annoying, plus she tends to trust strangers a little too much at times. Outwardly she seems to like and get along with all members of the group, but she has issues with a couple of them for being too forward about her relationship with the Duke. She enjoys singing with the talented Vaughn, and has no problem serving as a background singer with him, plus she is trying to push Vaughn and her sister Oki's relationship along. She believes that Vaughn's more laidback and and fun loving style is a good match and hopefully will change her sister's uptight style.

McCallan: (Ed) Human Psychic Warrior
(Retired for GlenLivet)

Noluck Fatfingers: (Clayton) Dwarf Barbarian
Age 27 4'6" 175lbs
Hometown- He had been a wondering merc/guard for hire until he found solace and freedom in the wilderness.
Deity- Meilikki converted from Surma
Strait forward "hack and slash" NO MERCY NO QUARTER RAPTURE RAPTURE BURN AND CAPTURE when you hear the cry know that your death is near by.
Cares not for the safety of himself only what his actions will do to further the goals of the greater good. Completely single minded ends justify the means mindset, however not simple minded. Very brash and will rub everybody he can the wrong way if he is in a spiteful mood.
Met Bob at a trading post on Homb, later that week was out trying his had at a little bear hunting (and he could have done it alone too) when Bob came flying out of the bush and started whipping his chains around. He did get the kill but Bob had insisted he needed the help as it was some kind of elder giant (possibly evil if you ask him) bear. I accepted his help but kept all the meat and hide for myself. It was odd that Bob did not object and did not seem to care about any of the spoils. I asked if he would care to have a companion to travel and hunt with, Bob seemed to not care ether way. So i have elected myself the brains of our operation and volunteered us to travel to Tobian. It is kind of odd as Bob seemed pleased at the notion (almost as if he had been planning this.)

Does whatever HE thinks is right no matter the perceived consequences. Since joining with Bob has not raged trying to learn how he has achieved so much tranquility and happiness without physical wealth.
Recently has developed arachnophobia.

He has completely put his barbarian roots behind him and become a champion for good, he has kept good on his promise to not rage and will continue to further his pursuit of tranquility as a fighter.

Oki: (Tom) Human Monk
Hometown - Maple Hills
Diety - Seker "Slayer of all that is evil"
Female - 5'6" 135 pds, Long black hair that she keeps in a ponytail. age 23
Older sister of Mardove
Classs - Monk
Parents - Well off, Maple Hills Engineers
Oki's parents noticed at a early age that she showed outstanding skills of the mind and body, but with her repeated problems of getting into fights all the time "and winning most of them" plus being headstrong as well. They decided it would be best to find a place to train and focus her energies into something worthwhile. With the help of the Duke they sent her to the Island of Gont, a place that trains a fighing order that is respected all over the known lands. Oki thrived in the environment of Gont like a duck takes to water, in fact perhaps too much so. Her fellow trainies soon noticed that Oki would seldom leave the island to take a break from her training, Plus with her strong will she became very opinionated about good and evil and even her instructers would become frustrated with her unwillingness to look see other peoples' point of view. Once even the head of her order told her " I am training you to become a great warrior not a damn Paladin!"
She has now returned to look after her flighty little sister and to help her homeland in any way that is needed. Oki does truly like some members of the group but believes that she should not become close to any of them since it could effect her during this time of danger, that it would warp her judgement. Her aloof style at times would get on the nerves of some of the members.
Then therer is Fubar, FUBAR!!! A half-orc in the group. Fubar is respected for acting with honor and has done a very good job of working with the group. So at this time she she treats Fubar as another member of the group, but has trouble holding her tongue and keeps making snide comments about Fubar. Oki respects the human part of Fubar that keeps the orc part under control, but she KNOWS that there is that evil boiling under there and that sooner or later that evil pus will infect and take over the human part and Fubar will have to be put down like the animal he is.

Otavio: (Doug) Human Sorcerer
Hey, um, everybody. I'm Otavio Viktor, Human Sorcerer. My best bud is my familiar, Sir Suttar van Rodentia! And Kullervo is Da Boss!So I grew up on this farm near Maple Hills. My mom is into pottery, and I liked doing that, but my dad's friggin taskmaster! He was always like "Skinny runt! You couldn't bale hay to save your life!!" OK!!! So I got a strength of 5! Whose fault is that?!? Anyway, he stopped yelling at me when I started casting Light on the pig's heads and they went wild and busted out of the pens! HAHAHHA! Man that was a riot! That's when he ships me off to the Guild for training and to "shape me up".
I really got into Alchemy and all that technical stuff. And I stayed out of trouble, well mostly, except for that time when I cast the Sleep spell in the girls dorm and used an Arcane Markā€¦ oh never mind.
Thing is, I'm no fighter but I have Magic Missiles out the wazzoo! And I don't like orcs. As long as we're taking them out, I'm a happy man.
Oh and Oki, I wasn't so sure about Fubar either, but c'mon baby-doll, don't be a hater.

Vaughn: (Andrew) Human Bard

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