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This is official list of all of the languages in use. Per email from Tom dated Oct-2003

Languages used:

HIGH COURT "high court is very much like Latin and is used in diplomatic use, treaties, legal agreements, etc.."

Languages known house rule, you have either have: working knowledge or are fluent.

  • 1 skill point - working knowledge all dialects of language at -10 skill check.
  • 2 skill points - 1 dialect fluent, no penalty check. All other dialects -3 skill check.
  • for each additional skill point above 2, you can pick up 1 other dialect.

Current House Rules (updated 13-Dec-2020)
latest add is the adjustment to Boots of Striding

  • Hit Die: d12=d8+4, d10=d6+4, d8=d6+2, d6=d4+2, d4=straight d4; with +Con bonus on all. (NOTE: Andrew's world has different HP formula)
  • On Special "God" Day - spell casters able to cast spells as a caster of 1 level higher (see diety list for the "holy" day)
  • Analyze Portal - works like a "Detect Magic"
  • Sorcerers - for high Char, get bonus spells to know as well as cast. Adjustment to match Wizards not having to remember spells.
  • Psionic Warriors - get bonus powers & power points based on either STR or DEX bonuses. Must choose which stat will be used as the primary when character created.
  • Bards - cast of spells are divine class
  • Wilderness Lore - get %chance for weather prediction
  • Jump Attack - on any jump +5 feet, only 1 attack (primary) (Note: this from Everett versus vampire/ghost battle)
  • Scry/Teleport - can only scry on person, not the area around them. When Teleport into an area, need one round to re-orient. Else too easy for assassination, ie scry/haste/teleport in/kill/teleport out. Reference our group attack on Major-Domo she-devil and the Frost Giant King.
  • Shape Changing - takes a standard action.
  • Druid spell "Feathers" - has the same limitations as the druid casting it as to size.
  • Commune w/ Nature: fields count as able to check/include in scope of spell.
  • Magic items can be sold back at 75% of book value.
  • Magic Item Creation: The XP cost of creating magic items can be shared up to 50/50 between the item creator and a secondary character as long as the secondary has spell casting ability. Usually the secondary is the person who has contracted the item creator to craft an item. The primary purpose of using two casters is cover all the pre-reqs abilities needed for making the item. Example, wand of cure light could be done by a sorcerer with wand creation feat and a cleric can cast Cure Light. Listed under each magic item is the caster level and the spells needed to make the item. Creation of Everett's holy sword required the services of Crystal, who had the "Good" domain ability, Raven because he could enchant to +4, and Zaldiston who had Item Creation feat but could only enchant to +2 at that time.
  • "Assist" skill role check - single char is primary for some skill, other characters can "assist" with +2 on rolls of 15 or better. however, if roll 5 or lower then -2 to primary roll score. Example is 3 characters have good wilderness lore skill values, one is primary and other two can roll to assist in boosting final skill check by primary roller.
  • Spike Growth - Spike Stone: Spike spells will be easily seen, and best used to limit access to an area, though creatures can have it cast beneath them. It will look like the ground suddenly became covered in spikes and is obviously dangerous. The area of effect will also be limited to contiguous rectangles, and other reasonably simple areas, not perfectly malleable to fit your needs. To counter that limitation, I am also granting the shape, ring. Manipulation of area of effect to create something more complex will require a spellcraft skill role at DM discretion.
  • Toughness Feats in Masters of the Wild(MotW) addendum are eligible for use. In case you do not have MotW, below are the basics:

Name Pre-req
Dwarf, +5 Base Fortitude, add 6 HP when feat taken
Giant, +8 Base Fortitude, add 9 HP
Dragon,+11 Base Fortitude, add 12 HP

  • Boots of Striding and Jumping: add only a +10 to speed. No longer a doubling of speed. No change to Jump rules.

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