Land Of The Gods

The Land of the Gods is Ed's campaign. It is a world where the gods are universal, where Humans, Dwarves and Elves are the only races known.

Opening Story:
You were born into a world of paradise. The Era of Peace has stood for over 600 years and there have been no large-scale battles in generations. Sure, there are occasionally raids from a Plains Barbarian chief wanting to start his own tribe or make a name for himself and a Southern Barbarian clan leader will attempt an invasion once in a while but these are quickly put down. The Civilized Humans, Dwarves, Woodland Elves, and Coastal Elves exist in harmony with stable trade and worship their gods and live normal lives. As far as anyone knew this is the only way things could be until a couple weeks ago.

First rumors began spreading about Roald, king of the Civilized Humans. It was time for him to accompany an annual Replacement & Resupply trip to some Century forts on the southern border. Barbarians had overrun the fort and he was trapped and a rescue force was on the way, or he had been captured and was being taken south as a prize and an invasion is being planned to rescue him, or he had been killed and hordes of Barbarians were streaming over the border and heading this way. People were frightened and looking for news.

Then 4 days ago the Great Collapse happened. It was mid-morning when a massive wave of energy knocked everyone unconscious. Everyone was going about their normal day and then without warning they were picking themselves up off the ground in confusion. As far as anyone knows no one was spared the effects. The pulse itself did not seem to cause any damage although some people were injured or killed due to the activities they were involved in: a man working on a roof fell and broke a leg, a woman tending to a fire collapsed into the coals and was severely burned, things like that.

This sent a Human population already on edge into absolute terror and the temples were overflowing. Nobles and clerics provided comforting words but there was little trustworthy information so the Civilized Human population was in near panic. The Elves were mobilizing their military and on edge. The Dwarves and Plains Barbarians, separated by great distance, heard none of the Roald rumors so were only unsettled by the one event. Fear gripped the world.

The Great Collapse was followed by The Listlessness. Most people recovered from the physical effects of the event without any problems but some individuals were overtaken by a yearning pulling them to move. There was no specific direction or instructions, just a feeling that they needed to leave wherever they were and go somewhere. Starting the next morning people began packing their belongings and taking to the road in search of whatever was calling them. There was no pattern. It impacted all races and professions. Soldiers left their posts, bakers left their shops, shepherds abandoned their herds.
There was no specific direction to the wandering. People passed each other heading everywhere. These was not mindless actions. People closed their homes and carefully packed as if making a planned journey and did not amble like zombies. They just did not know where they were going or why.

And so our party finds itself as a group of confused individuals gathered in the common room of an inn wondering if this is where they are meant to be …

Key NPC Characters

King Roald - King of Civilized humans, who vanished during Southern Barbarian raid and overrun of border fort. Re-appeared later with a mysterious new advisor.

Queen Malandia - Queen and Priestess of Coastal/See Elves. Patron of groups fact gathering mission to Southern Barbarians.

High Priestess Aveenia - matriarchal leader(Queen) of Woodland Elves. Assisting with Malandia to find the source of the current disruption.

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