ATC - Quotes of Posterity Hilarity

Oooo, a dagger - the whole party listening to Trianna telling us about her dream

My horse was a pussy and fell down - Corbin rationalizing her late arrival

DM: And on his body you find YOUR money pouch.

What! I raise him and kill him again!! - Toli after finding out that a recently deceased party member had lifted his cash

I was told to get a door, I'm getting a door - Derek, none-too-bright half orc on following orders dispite the battle raging around him

PC: I'm a druid of the wood!

Treant: You food!

So let me get this straight, you're spanking the flying monkey? - Ben trying to confiem the setting as Toli tried to subdue a pet

I hate this fuckin' game - everyone, every session

Let me see, I hit armor class … fuck! - same people right before uttering the above quote

Oh, wait, I just bought some miniatures for this - an excited DM getting to use his new toys

There's this thing called dumb luck - Kyoko explaining her success in battle

Blasted Dire-Flail-Breaking, Lousy-Dragon-Mount-Killing mission - Raven summing up a night that didn't quite go as planned

Great-cleaving kobolds like a Mac truck driving through a puppy farm - group summation of a night that did go according to plan.

The Flaming Beaver? That sounds like a great name for a bar - unattributed quote. Totally true, but unattributed nontheless.

PC: Well, I have all these bonuses to diplomacy

DM: OK then, go ahead and diplomace me

They fight away and I'm still in bed - ER teaching Neville the finer points of handling night encounters

Is it male or female, with Yohan you can't be too sure? - Everett questioning the sexual orientation of a former character

Let me see, I've never run one of these before. I need to look up what they can do. - A DM ready to dish out damage on a now very worried party

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your order, I was trying to read your button - Punk Wendy's employee working late nights on a weekend like a loser trying to understand why he should be worried that Andrew was broadcasting that he has all his spells.

We haven't caused near as much anarchy here yet as we usually do - Dave as we left the Khanate after successfully initiating a blood coup and installing new leadership.

Hey boss, watch this, I can breathe fire from both ends - Sherman, fire lizard paladin mount discovering the effects of farting on a fire elemental

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