WOC - Armory Loot Journals

Journals, in chronological order found:

Cardinal Priest Journal (Fort Le Noir)
Various priestly affairs, who she does not think should have their office, who should be promoted next, who is squandering their tithe and power.
That the war has been going as planned nothing unexpected, the force was bigger more diverse and uses better tactics than the records indicated they should. Officers and soldiers status is normal, casualites are heavier than previously recorded. A vague understanding of the map to the IPT (Isle of Perpetual Torture).
The end of the world is exactly where it should be, no abnormalities detected. Only one clan leadership of orc and goblin unaccounted for, Same structure as before, orcs lead, employ goblins who enslave kobolds to do their work. Raids and attacks seem better executed and planned out that what records indicate. All markered sites have been scouted and found inert or a detachment was sent out to clease the area, the successful detachments have been "taken care of".
That during the next conclave she needs to assert her point on the IPT (Isle of Prepetual Torture) need not be cleansed. A general map to the isle. It is of no value, and anything that may pose a threat from there would have already. She can see no reason to go there now. When it was first given nobody went there, the resources of the country are at a breaking point.

Orcish Plague Journal (orc) from Burning Plague (Dubik's Pass, Burgy)
map location (current location) scribbles of dead trolls
He is being punished for taking matters into his own hands to advance the time table. He is not fond of trolls.
Ee has been sent to this area as punishment, sent to spread the plague, If it does not work he will be fed to the troll, if he returns he will be fed to the troll, if it works he might be fed to the troll. He realy does not want to be fed to the troll, He is having trouble making the spell permanent; he thinks he can use his own life to bind the plague so that it will last longer, possibly forever maybe only as long as he lives.

Aldin Trember's Journal, from Unearthing the Past (Dwarven Outpost/Mine, Western Burgy)
complaints about his usually denied requests for more resources and orcs for the mission. He has been promised reinforcements once his goal has been acomplished, but he doubts the validity in the promise. Various complaints about food quality and the smell of orcs.
general maps about other locations of forces, maps of areas to avoid, general locations of failed outposts. The sea crossing was much worse than he expected. He talks about how he misses the blue skys of Orlean. (this world the sky is reddish orange)
Has been studying the effects of this anomaly, It seems that he can use some of his divine magic, however he is unable to summon, He plans on dessicrating this area in the near future and seeing if he might be able to "boost" the Death's Ruby Lady's influence enough to use the affected magics.
can pinpoint the maps in the journal to a very percise area with Local or Wilderness lore (dc15)

Hobgoblin orders (Goblin) from Hobgoblin Tomb (Western Burgy)
Directions to the tomb, orders to secure the tomb as a future base of opperations, find anything useful, check 2 other locations for any useful items and scout them for use as outposts. Gives star dates for them to do the exploration)
nearby locations (not searched) for use as a base (general maps) Detailed star maps with directions of when and how to read them.
Await the arrival from the sharp-toothed man to be made on accompanying paper. He will try to infiltrate the humans nearby and recruit spies.

Squishy Bugbear Emessary Journal (goblin) from abandoned fortress (NE Mountain Outpost)
His very detailed personal thoughts about the Grand warleader's decision about trying to use an Ettin on a strikeforce into enemy lands and keep him at the outpost.
The general condition that they found the outpost in, the detailed records of what was found (mostly unreadable) confirmation of star date when it was sent back
poor quality maps (condition) about other strike forces/outposts, mention of a blackguard "nearby" in case of any trouble with the ettin. He wishes he had been assigned to the blackguard even if he had to build him his fortress by hand.
even a kabold, not to mention a Tiefling, should know better than to use an ettin.

Dwarven Pages (Dwarven) From abandoned fortress (NE Mountain Outpost)
Daily guard reports, knowledge of a goblinoid army, fall of the north pass, skuttling of many deep roads after evacuation and sending off of women and younglings, strange time/memory loss, no contact for years. Magic no longer works, Magic start working again, Long range scouts never return but their spirits sometimes return. The omens are too ghastly to put into words. Slowly they are dying from animal attacks while hunting and age.

Blackguard's study –(undercommon) from Evacuation
Hundreds of years of regular journals including the plans of the Evil armies on a strategic level, and details of current outposts and how each is to proceed and work into the whole plan. A gold mine of information.

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