WOC - Armory of Loot

Group Booty to be Used or Sold

MW black enameled breastplate

Crossbow bolts x106
Arrows x185
Bloodcrier (Large Warhammer, speak dwarven, 5th level+ to use.)
Heavy Lance +1 (sell)
+1 Light Crossbow (Razar)
+1 Sickle (Razar)
Vestments of Healing (+10 to heal check)

2 Rings of Communication (paired)
Magic Ring
Evil Sacrificial Dagger of Zombie Creation (Darius)
4x Pearl of Power (cantrip)
Potions: Detect Thoughts

Sunrod x 10
Tanglefoot bags x 13

5 Horses +2 ride
belt with a secret pouch
decent set of warm clothes x2
set of exotic clothes
picks, shovels, 3 hammers
150' of rope
24 iron spikes
Potionry Lab materials

1 repaired large warehouse with taxes paid. Income of 250gp per month.
2 lanterns and 4 flasks of oil
tapestries, art objects x3 (religious, unknown)
9 wolf pelts, 1 dire wolf pelt
Cask of HQ wine, worth 200gp
20 pounds of beef jerky
23 days of iron rations

Historical/Informational (and therefore forbidden) Objects:
Masterwork Long Sword (Duke of Burgy's)
Funeral rod of the Magisterium
Blank Orders forms x 12
Empty Wands x 4 (army issue - heal minor)
1000 gp Golden Idol, Dwarf with a hammer (15 lbs)

Various Writings and Journals:
Journal of a Magisterium cleric from the southern front
Orcish Plague Journal - (Burgy) (currently in Owen's possession)
Foreign Cleric's Journal (Burgy)
Hobgoblin Journal (Western Burgy)
Dwarven Journal (NE mountain outpost)
Bugbear Journal, (NE mountain outpost)
Small Library in Undercommon (NE Forest Keep)


PP -
GP - 246
SP - 353

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