WOC - Vanderfal Important Places

Places explored and important places heard of by the players:

Vivic - The capitol of Vanderfal. It is on a river delta and is comprised of many monolithic buildings. The buildings are hollow and contain a large open space filled with tents and kiosks. The outside walls are buildings offices and residents for government officials and citizens of high stature. There is monolithic building for local government, regional government, the army/city guard, a bazaar, the palace (mainly used for events of state), and the largest the temple. The monolithic structures look like the temple of the sun from the Aztec culture. Population: 75,000*

Clari - A small town on the delta near Vivic, primary industry is fishing, it is one of the oldest towns in Vanderfal. It is a poor town with little value other than the fish it provides the region with for food and oil. The buildings are a mix of soft stone hovels and mud/timber for the larger buildings. Population: 2500*

Burgy - A small farming community near the southern border of Vanderfal. They produce cereal grains and confined livestock. The buildings are almost all wood/mud structures with thatch roofs. **Population: 3000*

Iblin** - An industrial town in the hilly northern region of Vanderfal, Its primary economic output is as mining, smelting, quarrying, and livestock hub. All structures are stone or brick with slate roofing, even the poorest buildings are mud brick walls and roof with only a few timbers for support. Population: 15,000*

Mons - A large sparely populated farming community in the plains. Primary economic output is lumber, various crops, and some ranged livestock. Population: 10,000*

Wallencourt - A Large town with an output of manufactured goods, leather, cloth, ranged livestock, and tools. Almost every building is brick with mud brick roofs. Population: 25,000*

Port Hubrit - A small port camp in across the sea from Vanderfel. Named after Ran Hubrit who established the fort. Supply and troop shipments all come to this port before being sent to their destinations. Population: 1,000

Camp del Cros - A Medium supply fort 1 day south of Port Hubrit. This camp functions as the main supply station for the forts, camps, various raiding parties, and armies in this area. Population: 2,500 (assumed force to be left behind)

The southern front / Fort Le Noir - A temporary fort set up 2 days south of Camp del Cros . This area has seen the most combat in the last 3 years. This is where the main army has been stationed rooting out the goblins. Population: Razed

  • Population of a city is "city proper." Twice as many live in the area surrounding the city as farmers, hunters, ect. They are still under jurisdiction of the city.
  • Military fortifications are straight population. Assume 25% tradesmen, 50% regular military, 20% veteran, 5% command.
  • Total population: 391,000 citizens, 130,000 city residence, 9,000 permanent military, 30,000 conscripted military (assumed in total population)
  • Earl is a regional leader who lives in Vivic. Baron is a leader of a settlement with a population of 2,000 or more, Duke is a leader of a settlement with a population of 500-1,000. Knight is a leader of a settlement with a population less than 500.
  • Each of the "cities" above would have a Baron (resident) and an Earl (higher station leader in Vivic,) Earls oversee the Baron. Barons oversee Dukes and Knights.
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