WOC - Vanderfal NPCs

Non-player characters encountered, saved or "retired" by the player characters:

The Magisterium - The religious class that stands alongside the ruling class. Nothing political in Vanderfal is done with out the Magisterium's consent. They are very secretive and controlling. All paladins are members of and under direct control of the Magisterium. There is an office of the Magisterium in every town and even the smallest village has an appointed contact as their religious leader. They make sure that everything conforms with the will of Guy. They are very oppressive and harsh. Most of the clerics, and arcane spell casters above level 3 are in the service of the Magistrate.

Baroness Blanche de Clari - First officer of the army of the grand martial. Oversees supply and troop reediness. She is a very hard and tough individual. She is in charge of Earl Richard's personal guard. She is in her early 30's. She is known for her extreme punishment for the smallest infractions in the army camp. Her punishments and sentences are often superseded by Richard who is much more lenient with his troops. She took control of the southern expedition when Earl Richard was killed. She finally managed to lead a few survivors out to the north and was sacked in disgrace for losing all the troops there.

John Littleton - A fighter who has been working for the army as a lumberjack/woodworker, maintaining and improving defenses and providing building materials and firewood for the Port Hubrit. He has been assigned to the southern front to help repair and fortify the fort after the night raid.

The Dark Man - Encountered when the party stumbled upon a pack of goblins looting ambushed knights. He took minimal damage from an alchemist fire flask and fled leaving a darkness spell to cover his path while beating feet through the woods. He looked roughly human but had coal black ashy skin, sharply pointed long ears, red eyes, and pointy interlocking teeth. A faint smell of ash was noticed in the brief encounter which he fled.

Cardinal Priest Jenne - The party stole and destroyed her chest taking the what it contained (3 rods, some money, a signet ring, and her journal.)

Smoke Purnell - A travelling merchant, known all over Vanderfel for his friendliness and cheap prices. A friend to all and a wise man of much experience. Some recent evidence may show he is fencing bandited goods.

Lord Owen, former Duke of Burgy and father to Mayfin Burrel, wife of the deceased Duke of Burgy. Quite elderly and blind, he still retains his intelligence.
Mayfin Burrel, daughter of the previous duke, she is now widowed and childless and at 35, in danger of losing control of her duchy for that reason.
Sir Christof Sanders, Knight of Burgy and Lord of Dubik's Pass. With his brother dead, he now rules in that hamlet. A good man.
Friar Tuck, the Magisterium-appointed cleric in Burgy, a good guy who sells alcohol to fund his alms to the poor.


Turkey - (slain in encounter) A Ranger who has been hunting and providing food for the army at Port Hubrit. He has been sent to the southern front to reinforce and help gather food after a large troop transfer to the southern fort because of the night raid. He assisted the group in many ways in his short time. His last assistance was by alerting the party of a spear wielding goblin riding a wolf charging the group. If only he hadn't been born with a 6 con.

Duke Corbet Burrel - (found dying) Poisoned by goblins during an ambush.The baron of Burgy. Gave his Masterwork long sword to the party to return to his father (Owen) and his wife (Mayfin).

Earl Richard Le Noir - (slain in battle) Member of the court of Vivic baron of the southern lands, grand martial of the army. He was a fearless man of great stature and accomplishment. He was in his mid 40's and not only led his troops into battle but traveled ahead of them with his personal guard to survey battle grounds and places to make camp. Died leading a charge at Fort Le Noir.

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