WOC - Vanderfal The Tavern

An extension of the house rules. This is where economic and other odds and ends go that do not really fit into a "rule" category.

Selling loot:
Magic items can be sold back at 75% of book value, Mundane 50%, If you trade goods for services you can get 75-100% depending on item relevance and/or diplomacy check.


If you wish to hire a NPC with character levels the following formula applies:

Class levels squared x 10 = price on gold pieces a month for their service.

1st = 10gp/month
2nd = 40gp/month
3rd = 90gp/month, etc.

A deposit of 10gp per level squared to any reputable agent (ie the town mayor or sheriff) for a "death tax." When the NPC is safely returned to his point of origin the deposit is returned. If the NPC dies you can recover half of the deposit if he is raised.

Character creation limitations:
At this time Paladin is a prohibited class due to politics.
At this time there are no domains available for use.
At this time clerics do not know about turning.

The following spells are not available to learn from others or pick as level spells:
Detect thoughts
Any summoning spell
Any divination spell that communicates outside of the material plane.
Any spell dealing with another plane directly
At this time a resurrection spells are not known, but there are ways to get it done.

Table: Skill Synergies
5 or more ranks in…
Gives a +2 bonus on…
Diplomacy checks
Disguise checks to act in character
Intimidate checks
Innuendo Checks
Pick Pocket checks
related Appraise checks
Decipher Script
Use Magic Device checks involving scrolls
Escape Artist
Use Rope checks involving bindings
Handle Animal
Ride checks
Handle Animal
wild empathy checks
Tumble checks
Intuit Direction
Wilderness Lore
Spellcraft checks
(architecture and
Search checks involving secret doors and
similar compartments
Survival checks to keep from getting lost
or for avoiding hazards
bardic knowledge checks
Gather Information checks
Survival checks in aboveground natural
(nobility and royalty)
Diplomacy checks
checks to turn or rebuke undead
(the planes)
Survival checks when on other planes
Profession (herbalism) Heal checks
Survival checks when following tracks
Sense Motive
Diplomacy checks
Use Magic Device involving scrolls
Knowledge (nature) checks
Balance checks
Jump checks
Use Magic Device
Spellcraft checks to decipher scrolls
Use Rope
Climb checks involving climbing ropes
Use Rope
Escape Artist checks involving ropes

The above table is a list of all skill synergy's. A few have been added (knowledge and bluff.) This is an attempt to give a better spread of skill points and a little buff to skill heavy classes.The table is a nice and easy reference.

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