WOC - Vanderfal World History

Common and discovered knowledge of the world of Vanderfal:

0 - Founding of Vivik?

25- Founding of Clari.

96 - Founding of Burgy.

118 - First appearance of the "Dark Ones." Founding of Wallencourt. Guy gives gift of magic.

138 - First crusade. Founding of Mons. (9-year conflict)

251 - Attack from the eastern sea. (1-year conflict)

290 - Second crusade. Founding of Iblin. (8-year conflict)

300 - Great Blight, plague and famine. (17-year event)

328 - Attack from the south sea. (13-year conflict)

357 - Third crusade. Founding of Port Hubrit. (12-year conflict)

402 - Second Blight, plague and famine. (20-year event)

511 - Fourth crusade. Conscription of player characters.

514 - Beginning of campaign April 21st.

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