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To create a character there is no dice rolling for stats. You have 75 points to distribute among the 6 stats. Then apply the racial modifiers. After modifiers you cannot have a stat less than 3.

No rolling for hit points.

  • Barbarians = 12 pts at 1st level, 9 pts every level thereafter
  • Fighters and subclasses = 10 pts at 1st level, 8 pts every level thereafter
  • Clerics and Thieves = 8 pts at 1st level, 6 pts every level thereafter
  • All others = 6 pts at 1st level, 4 pts every level thereafter

No psionics

No mass transport (i.e. mass teleport, feathers, etc.)

  • Teleport can only take at most 1 other life form (weight dependent per the spell)
  • a familiar does not count as that life form so a wizard with a familiar could teleport himself, his familiar, and one other life form (weight dependent)

No flying

  • Levitate is ok
  • Flying steed is ok
  • Transforming into a bird by polymorph or as a druid is ok

Starting gold = 250gp regardless of class or station or background.

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