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The gods are Valar who are in charge of Erde (the world). One of them - Erde - gave up her independence and mobility to become the platform for all life so life would have a place to exist and thrive.
The rest are charged with managing different aspects of life on Erde.

  • Manwe - King of the gods. Married to Vasha
    • Lawful Good
    • Domains - Air, Law, Good
  • Vasha (Elbereth to Elves) - Queen of the gods. Married to Manwe. Goddess of healing and light.
    • Neutral Good
    • Domains - Healing, Good, Protection, Sun
  • Aule - Smith, patron of Dwarves
    • Neutral Good
    • Domains - Earth, Strength, Protection
  • Anansi - Trickery, outsmarting the powerful, telling of tales. Patron of bards and thieves.
    • Chaotic Good
    • Domains - Trickery, Chaos, Luck, Travel
  • Isis - Magic and knowledge.
    • Lawful Neutral
    • Domains - Magic, Knowledge, Protection, Fire
  • Erde - Earth goddess. She is Earth and her goal is to provide an environment in which Life may thrive. All Earthpower (to borrow a term from the Thomas Covenant series) comes from her.
    • True Neutral - she doesn't favor any life forms over others except when they interfere with her doing her job - i.e. Dump enough toxic waste into the ocean and see if she doesn't respond :)
    • Domains - Earth, Water, Animal, Plant
  • Malecanth - Strength and battle. Patron of Orcs.
    • True Neutral - Strength is more important than alignment - i.e. Might Makes Right.
    • Domains - Strength, War
  • Ulmo - King of the sea and music.
    • Chaotic Neutral
    • Domains - Water, Luck, Chaos
  • Set - Serpents, power, and magic.
    • Lawful Evil
    • Domains - Death, Evil, Magic
  • Sauron - Morgoth's right hand but has his own following.
    • Neutral Evil
    • Domains - Evil, War, Trickery, Magic
  • Morgoth (Melkor to his worshipers) - Not happy with creation. Would like to reshape it in his own image.
    • Chaotic Evil
    • Domains - Death, Evil, War, Destruction
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