WOE Player Characters

Erde Home
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Luthor Kyrie Ragnarok: Dwarf Barbarian/Ranger Fighter. Lawful Neutral - (David R.)
Hometown - Burg of Iron Olden Towne
Diety - Aule "The Mighty"

Tall for a dwarf at 4-6, with black hair and full beard under a set of dark green eyes.
Bristling with weapons(bow, heavy flail, daggers), people will note he favors fighting with two short swords. It is apparent that Luthor is comfortable in the outdoor wilds as he would be underground. Despite his bulky build, he moves smoothly and shows surprising balance for a dwarf.

As a typical dwarf, Luthor enjoys a good brew and an aromatic smoke. He despises endless bickering/arguing, just say what’s on your mind, then just get it over with a good brawl of fisticuffs. Then winner buys the loser a drink. Luthor has enough awareness that his bluntness will not always be appreciated and keeps mouth shut as best he can. However, he will engage in conversations if they peak his interest and can get vocal. His initial interaction with non-dwarf races will be with typical bias and stereotyping. Has a somewhat pragmatic fatalistic view of life, "Life sucks, then you grow up and die", so he will often say "You only live once, so ROLO!" or "YOLO ROLO". The reason for this attitude is not known at the time of character party alliance.

(Name Background: This month-October- 29 years ago, I created as my first D&D character ever, a dwarf cleric named Luther, that I played in Andrew's world, my first DM. On that first adventure, the party consisted of a 4th level fighter(Sharona), a 4th level mage(Buckwheat), NPC 4th level fighter(Salem) and NPC party pet (Calvin - a young green dragon). Party mission was to retrieve a rich farmers stolen "Old Oaken Bucket", a family heirloom and lucky charm. During the key battle to get the bucket, Salem and Sharona were swamped by orcs and an ogre, when an orc leader came charging up at Buckwheat, Luther having just dropped a lowly orc fighter, stepped in front of the charge and no surprise got stomped on with his arm broken by the orc(the old critical hit chart). LOL.

After three years of playing, Luthor reached 6th level cleric(Battle at Troidar, 14-Aug-92, last session). Others players characters were:

Renfro, Mage/Cleric 7/5, human male (Dave H.)
Floyd II, Mage/Fighter 2/1, human male (Ed G.)
Kreeg, Fighter 4th, half-orc (Ed G.)

Now, 29 years later to the month, a new Luther is born in Andrew's new world.

Imlazor — Human wizard (Transmuter) Lawful good — (Dave H.)
Skippy — squirrel familiar

Hometown: unspoken
Deity: All the good ones.

Imlazor (an elven name he is going by) is an outcast from human lands and has been living near the elven areas. As a wizard, he is feared by humans and as his abilities began to manifest themselves, he didn't recognize them for what they were and didn't try to hide them. While the village priest tried to protect him and let people know magic didn't corrupt people, his village feared what they didn't understand and shunned him, then his family's business (candlemaking). It grew until people threatened him, other children threw rocks, and his family was suffering too. He told everyone he was going to Hastsel to seek the temples there but instead travelled north to find the elves. After a nasty encounter with some orcs, he was found by an elven hunting party and guided to a small settlement of other wizards and outcasts. He spent the last 5-6 years there learning some magic and a lot of craftmanship. In such a small community, everyone must help with everything, and he always had an interest in making and improving things. In addition to his candlemaking, he has gained some skill in making furniture (woodworking and construction), tanning and tailoring, and cooking. He is not very strong, so mostly worked in the village rather than out hunting and farming.

Imlazor is quiet and very nondescript. Neither tall nor short, fat nor thin, handsome nor ugly, he seems to usually try to blend in rather than stand out. Partly this is because of his childhood, but mostly that since then he has been one of the youngest among older and more accomplished wizards and craftsmen. One trait easily seen is his love to learn new things. He is interested in understanding just about everything. Just as noticeable, when he tries to speak, he lacks social skills. He is used to listening, not speaking.

Finally, Imlazor believes in always giving the gods his respect. When doing magic, he speaks of Isis. When crafting, of Aule. and when appreciating beauty, of Erde, Vasha, and Manwe.

Uvarum - Elven Druid, Neutral - (Doug)
Nozdrûl - Wolf animal companion

Hometown - none but the woods
Deity - Erde

Born after the elves came to the east, his family were of the Laiquendi, who are peaceful and reclusive elves living in forests rather than elven cities. He became a Druid and follower of Radagast, and has spent his life in the wilds. There he would likely have remained, had it not been for the summons of Erde.

⁃ He is awkward do to his time alone, but not anti-social.
⁃ His opinion of you is often determined by how Nozdrûl reacts to you.
⁃ He is somewhat fearful of towns and cities, but he is not hateful of them.
⁃ He is also fearful of Humans and believes them to be a kind of orc, but maybe they are a better kind of orc? Time will tell.

Kursk - Half orc - Barbarian - Chaotic Neutral - (Tom)

Hometown - Skodorak
Deity - Does not understand at this point. Looking for God?

Found as new born in the town square one morning, the town as taken a group effort to raise the Kursk. Every one new that at young age that Kursk was not very bright from a young age and that teaching him skills was a waste of effort of time. He became the local mule doing what fiscal jobs he could to earn food and a roof over his head. Never treated in a mean way for his slow mental ways but given work he could handle, he made his way into the world. Then one day a traveling warrior noticed Kursk playing and how he showed a animal like cunning when playing with other boys in very fiscal games. And for some unknown reason the warrior stayed in town started teaching Kursk in the art of personal combat where he not only did well but enjoyed more then any thing else he ever did in his life. He found his calling!!! The warrior moved on telling Kursk it was his job to protect the town. So now Kursk believes he is the protector of Skodorak, and the job that the town has enjoyed the effort he has made to protect the town.

But deep down Kursk knows this for some reason this his not duty! A great power placed him here for some unknown reason. It is why he does not have a God. He is waiting for the great power to revel it self to him, and to the great purpose he was made for.

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